The Presentation of Mr. Hyde’s Transformation in the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson

Stevenson uses many different language techniques and devices in order to present the transformation of Mr Hyde. Stevenson uses detailed description to present Hyde for the first time to Dr Lanyon. Although Stevenson doesn’t directly state that it is Hyde, through his vivid description we are able to identify the person as Mr Hyde. Throughout the novel we begin to associate ‘small’ with Mr Hyde, whenever Mr Hyde is mentioned he is most likely described with this adjective. As we begin to read chapter 9 and we see Lanyon describe a man as ‘small’ with a ‘shocking expression of is face.’ We automatically think that this character is Mr Hyde; this is ultimately down to Stevenson’s continual effective description of Mr Hyde, constantly referring to his size and the sense of fear Hyde cerates whenever he appears in the novel. When we consider this particular chapter we have to consider the attitudes of the Victorian people at the time towards it. At the time the play was written people would have believed in the perfect Victorian gentlemen a man who kept himself to himself, had a good reputation, and didn’t have any secrets. The irony appears as Hyde is far from this character, so this would have particularly surprised the people at the time of reading this.
Stevenson uses another language device, sibilance, in order to add to suspense created at the transformation of Hyde. In Chapter 9 Stevenson adds to his tri-colons by using sibilance here. When describing the effect of Mr Hyde on himself, Lanyon describes Hyde as a ‘creature that now faced me… something seizing, surprising, and revolting.’ The subtle use of the sibilance here adds to the very descriptive tri-colon. The adjectives used to describe Hyde generally fit with the general consensus we have for him, with Hyde being described as a creature and as having something ‘seizing’ and ‘revolting’. When looking at analysing this chapter we must also consider the sense of mystery in Gothic Novels but more importantly in this novel. At the time members of the audience and the readers wouldn’t be aware of the ‘twist’ if you like in the novella. So in this chapter we see his detailed description and his effective structure come into play when revealing the ‘twist’ to the reader.
When the big revelation finally arrives Stevenson ensures he uses many different techniques in order to create as much suspense as possible. One of the most prevalent techniques that is applied here is the sense of dramatic irony. The reason n that this is able to occur and be used is mainly due to Stevenson ingenious structure throughout the novel. Aside from the dramatic irony Stevenson uses rhetorical questions in order to entice the reader and Lanyon to staying and witnessing what is about to happen. Hyde asks Lanyon ‘Will you be wise? Will you be guided?’, here we start to wonder if Lanyon is going to accept the offer. As a typical Victorian gentleman we would expect Lanyon to stick to his values and refuse, as he hasn’t explicitly been asked to stay. However we later find out that he does accept the request.
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“The Presentation of Mr. Hyde’s Transformation in the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson”

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