Benefits of the Death Penalty

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The death penalty is the administration of an execution punishment by the court to a person that has been convicted. It is used towards a person who was sentenced with a capital crime (LII Staff). This penalty has caused a lot of controversy because many people are against it, and they do not believe that the court is not superior from anyone else to decide to take the life of someone, murderer or not. If the justice system does not sentence the death penalty, then they would need to do a normal sentence where the convict stays in prison. Maintaining prisons uses a substantial amount of money from taxpayers and would not have convicts correct themselves morally to know what could happen.

Recently, crime rates are increasing because people do not fear our justice system. More and more people are not respecting and abiding to the laws, and this is seen because the justice system may not be as authoritarian as it was in the past. If people understood the severity of the sentences that are applied, crime rates would decline, and people would not be going to jail. If the nation does not see that there are consequences to their actions, in this case not abiding the laws, then there will not be a decrease in criminal rates. I believe that the death penalty should be given to those who commit atrocious crimes.

If the death penalty is not applied, then convicts are going to be sentenced to a prison term. The money given to maintain prisons come from a part of the taxes every citizen pays the government. Instead of using that vast amount of money in something else, like the renovations of public areas, it is given to prisons where those convicts are living comfortably with food to eat, a roof over their heads, and bed. There are so many homeless people who have no money, home, or food, whose lives are not given to them by the government compared to prisoners.

The death penalty, personally, would not violate any of the Civil Rights Amendments since convicts are revoked of his/her rights once they are sentenced to prison. The Eighth Amendment indicates “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted,” (The). which does not let cruel punishments have a prison term. If a criminal is revoked of its right of freedom, why do only certain rights still pertain to a person who abused of those rights by committing a crime? Therefore, prisoners should not have the right to not be sentenced with a cruel punishment such as the death penalty. Also, in prison, convicts are allowed an early parole for “good behavior” and would be allowed to walk in the streets endangering civilians.

The death penalty will allow for the people to know there will be consequences when a crime is committed. This punishment would also help to decrease the population in prisons since we see a lot of convicts who are in jail for murder, rape, etc. This will result in fewer prisoners and allow for a decrease in prison costs, allowing taxpayers' money to go to more important things the country needs. It would not violate any of the Civil Rights because once a criminal is sentenced to prison, they no longer have rights.

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