Presentation of Satire in Brave New World

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A Brave New World was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932. In this dystopian novel, Huxley satirizes his present communities social values and trends, he did this when he saw what could become of civilization when science advanced. When science advanced, Huxley saw that humanity would advance as well. In his eyes it was not for the best. He twists the contemporary values into something perverted and stomach churning into his ideal country, the World State., where the three main values are community, identity, and stability. There are not wars or conflicts in this world, but that may change.

Something that all humans take for granted is where they came from, it is what makes humans what they are. It forms and molds them into their future self. Humans take for granted their parents. In Huxleys dystopian novel, his morphs this wonderful bond between mother, father and child and completely eradicates the idea. All humans are created in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre (pg.3). This is where females eggs are fertilized with the sperm of a human male, and they incubate in the fertilization room. The concept of a mother and giving birth is completely foreign to this society that just the idea of sexual reproduction makes them go pale. These, he said gravely are un pleasant facts; I know it. But then most historical facts are un pleasant. (pg. 24). It also states that a mother [is] an obscenity. (pg.153). Not only does Huxley take away a mother and father, but also their individuality. The scientists in the World State have created a way to multiply the embryos from which,..the original egg was in a fair way to becoming anything from eight to ninty-ninety-six embryos (pg.7). Not only are the scientists practically cloning the human embryos but are altering their individuality and humanity. This takes away the humans individuality, which in Huxleys reality, all humans are unique with different personalities and dreams.

In Huxleys World State, infants are tortured into a certain type of thinking. The government in which rules over the World State is forcing all of their citizens to conform to certain ideas and rejecting others, such as nature. This process occurs in what the World State calls, Infant Nurseries. Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms (pg.19). They process of altering the minds of the citizens is completely barbaric, cruel, and evil. In the second chapter, the reader is introduced to the World States methods, which are completely inhumane. Nurses set the infants on the ground and place elements of nature in front of them. The infants are of course mesmerized by its beauty, but then something shocking happens. One of the nurses in the room triggered a violent explosion. Shriller and ever shriller, a siren shrieked. (pg.21). The the director saysAnd now now we proceed to rib in the lesson with a mild electric shock.(pg. 21). It is mind blowing to the reader in the very first pages of the novel that this new perfect world with no wars or conflicts is completely insane. Not only are the infants being tortured in this society, but as children, sex is encouraged and is considered a like responsibility to others. They are taught as a young and influential age that sex is a good act and pleasurable. Everybody belongs to everybody. Modern society did not and still does not accept this kind of behavior. It is considered inappropriate and too mature of a concept fo children to understand. This can be proven by the quote that two of the characters in the novel had elementary sex. (pg.27).

Huxley also satirizes religion. In the World State, the citizens worship Henry Ford, who is the inventor of the model-T. Ford practically created this dystopian society by envisioning a way to increase his workers production time. The idea of Christianity is completely erased, the classic cross we see in the religion is now changed to a futuristic capital T. In Huxleys reality, people naturally would utter the phrase Oh God! But in the novel he has changed the phrase to Oh, Ford (pg. 29), replacing God with Ford. Huxley satirizes the church services as well as religion. When one hears the word church, they automatically would think if the cross, church songs, and colorful stained windows. Well, this concepts are non-existent.

In A Brave New World, Huxley has an arsenal of perverted societal values. He warps the social values of community, identity and stability into a dystopian world that is completely different from his reality.

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