A Story about how i Became Better

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Everyone aims to change or rather improve; those who do not however, are either already born perfect or are afraid to do so. Failing to change will result indifferent outcomes, and for what do we live for if everything turns out no differently from yesterday, today or tomorrow? My dear friends, how can you sleep at night knowing that the events today will happen again tomorrow? If you have a wonderful life then you can be happy in experiencing a dream over and over, but not everyone is so fortunate. If you suffered today, are you prepared to suffer again tomorrow?

I was weak before. I had trouble making up my mind that I often depend on my parents to make the decisions for me even if I dislike their choice. I could never fight for what I wanted. I would easily give up, especially when it came to my education. I wanted to continue studying since 2014, but was unable to due to financial problems. I stopped going to university and started working for three years, I had kept in mind that I am doing this for my family when deep down I was only doing this in spite of being unable to fight for what I really wanted.

I was weak, I had zero confidence in myself, and I always depend on others. I had a lot of dreams but barely enough courage to pursue them. I could never comply with the expectations people instilled in me. I hated it. I hated crying everything out, even the little things; Unable to decide for myself, afraid to confront challenges and never content for what I have. I was pathetic and I hated it.

I was. Because of all the experiences I had, I now stand proud and strong enough to face new hardships life throws at me. I strive to continue my aspirations from before and nurture them for tomorrow. I was weak, I was.

I am now an independent person; an individual who can function on her own. I can make my own decisions, be content of what I have and can realize the fact that if I want something, I should fight for it. I am not the weak person I was before. I can now endure hardships with or without company. I am now not the type of person to give up on a path for her dreams. As little as these achievements are for others, it is as big of a step for me and I am proud of what I have become.

I only want one thing for my future, which is to graduate. That will be my first step to success. I want to provide for my parents just as how they provided for my needs. To have a stable job, to travel with them through different countries, to be able to give everything they want, to make them happy is my success. Making my parents smile with my efforts will be my greatest achievement.

From weak to strong, cowardly to courageous, dependent to independent; just as how a caterpillar changes to a cocoon to a butterfly, I have changed and is continually changing. I now wake up to a new tomorrow compared to living every day the same. I’ll say this now, to you my friends who are witness: I have changed myself! From yesterday to today to tomorrow.

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