The Cinderella Story

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The Cinderella story is a story that is well known around the world. While the Cinderella story has been generalized to be about a mistreated stepdaughter who becomes a princess these stories reflect the culture of each country they are set in. Cinderella is a story that tells us how kindness does not mean weakness, cruelty does not mean strength and that kindness t0wards all and perseverance is what matters most. The Mexican Adelita and the Irish Cinderlad are two different versions of Cinderella that teach this lesson.

Adelita is a story that has difficult circumstances, difficult people and misfortune but it also has a happily ever after ending. Adelita’s horrible stepsisters are jealous of her until her father dies when she is moved to a much smaller room and made to feel loneliness. Her stepmothers betrail comes when she fires her only companion the housekeeper Esperanza. Adelita protests and offers to feed esperanza from her own meals. She is told no but Adelita perseveres. she finds hope in the upcoming party. she asks her stepmother if she can go but the steep mother says no. Esperanza returns and gives her the opportunity to go to the party by finding clothes for her. adelita attends the party and no one knows who she is. Javier falls in love with her but does not know who she is. Javier finds her and they live happily ever after.

The Irish Cinderlad is a story that has a dysfunctional family, a scolding stepmother and the death of a parent. The main character shows bravery in the face of difficulty. At the beginning of the story, his mother dies and his father brings home a new wife with three cruel daughters they send him out to heerd the cows and give Becan food. He meets a magical bull that feeds him and is nice to him. When the step stepmother discoveres that she decided to put the bull in a stue. Becan ran to warn the bull and they escaped after a while of riding. The bull told becan that he had to fight the gray bull and would die but to pull off its tail and wear it as a belt. Becan used the belt to fight off a dragon and protect a princess he ran off but the princess had him found and they lived happily ever after.

The key theme in both of these stories is that kindness towards all is what matters most staying kind and nice no matter how hard life is . in both stories there is an evil stepmother and evil sisters in both of these stories it shows how kindness is a better garment than fancy clothing, expensive jewelry and that you don't have to be rich to be a kind person that forgiveness is much stronger than envy and jealousy. In conclusion, both stories teach the same thing how jealousy and envy are no match for kindness and perseverance. In my opinion, the ideals of this story that marriage will make you happy make many people suffer and feel incomplete. 

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