What Happened in the Story of an Hour?

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In 1894, There was a great story written by Kate Chopin. The story was called the story of an hour. The story focused on the main character Mrs. Mallardr’s The story starts with lots of excitements but then ending not the best thing that you would think that could happen. There are so many insights that shows so many different points in this story that makes it really.

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“What Happened in the Story of an Hour?”

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The story really talks about: What the message is about?

What action might be given? (Clugston,2014). There may be some answered in why was this marriage was so dysfunctional. Was the marriage lacking communication, freedom, confinement and mortality. Dysfunctional marriage might have something to do with how the wifer’s where to be toward their husband back in 19 centuries. Women were only allowed to cook, clean and care for the children. Women were only supposed make their husband happy with pleasure. Women had no rights they couldnt no show their emotions an anyways. If a woman worked which was not very often. They had to give there husband the money they do make. In a marriage is there a true love?

Mrs. Mallard found out about her husband death while on the train. That not only her husband was not dead after all. How would you explain to someone that this happen? When the message was told. She became sick to the point she started having heart problems. In which at this point causing her more damage to her heart the freedom has to deal with how her marriage, and how bad her heat was. Her freedom was token away suddenly when she was confined to are place. When her husband passed she thought she had her freedom. And it was given back. When she realized her husband was still alive. Her happiness and joy and came crashing down.

The story happened so fast. The Changes were so drastically in her. Mrs. Mallard had an hour to really process what has happen to her husband. But then a minute later she found out that the news she heard about her husband was not true. When she found out her husband was gone she thought she had a life the way she may have wanted. That all changed when she found out about her husband and that he was still alive. Her dreams came to a big halt when she found out that someone might have been gone then turns out they werent. This news came to be the scariest moment in her life. The emotions that Mrs. Mallard had to over come from the death of her husband. Caused her own death instead. Her freedom that she thought she may have had was all token away just like that. Mrs. Mallard could not handle anymore and caused her heart to end.

The readers were able to really understand more about the characters in the story. There were many different views have things have went through the story. The person who wrote the story was compassionate and made Mrs. Mallardr’s thought seeing to the sensible and more reasonable. There was still something that she might be scared of. But she would keep to herself.

Mrs. Mallard felt that reaching out to the sound and the world around her was something she need to do. Mrs. Mallard my have been in one of that dysfunctional marriage. But the way that was out of her marriage was not what she was hoping for she wasnt not happy in her marriage. Mrs. Mallard thought she was finally free. After hearing about her husband death. But that turned not to be true. Her freedom was exciting but scared for her at the same time. The narrated wrote that Mrs. Mallard was being a little selfish and not caring about her husband.

The story of Mrs. Mallard life the of emotions, that really ended her life. Some detachment was there. Mrs. Mallard idea of a marriage may have been wonderful but the last things she wanted was her freedom. They were other characters in the story that you may not have heard. There was her sister Josephine and Richard friends husband. The story ended was she dying was so fast. But the shocked she had developed made her unable to go on with her life. The shock happens when she found out that her husband was still alive and that her freedom was no longer hers. So, the stress from hearing the news broke her causing her heart to into shock.

In conclusion, there are still many un answered question on why this all did happen. What really did happen to Mrs. Mallard? Did she really died are was a trick to get out of her marriage? The story was short so they had to make sure that there were some elements that can support the point view. The story leaves it so us readers have to decided what really went on.

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