A History of Anneliese Marie Frank

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Chapter One : Being born in Germany

On June 12 , 1929 a miracle was born named Anneliese Marie Frank also known as Anne Frank . The daughter of Edith Hollander Frank and Otto Frank, a businessman of a small company that made a
jelly substance to make jam . She also had an elder sister named Margot . The Franks were an average family they weren’t rich , but they weren’t poor either. For the beginning of her life she lived in an apartment in Frankfurt, Germany with her parents and her sister after the Nazis annexed power in 1933 , Otto Frank fled to Amsterdam in the Netherlands where he had business connections says Holocaust Encyclopedia.Later on the rest of the Franks followed with Anne being the last of the family to arrive in February 1934 because she was staying with her grandparents in Aachen.

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Chapter Two: The Secret Annex

Anne went to a school called Montessori school in Amsterdam. 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany . When Hitler was elected as chancellor everything changed Jews were restricted from their rights such as: going to school, shopping at most stores, and from taking public transportation.Hitler and his Nazi government aimed to victimize Germany’s Jewish citizens.The same year Hitler was elected Otto Frank moved to Amsterdam. Now staying behind with her grandmother in Aachen, Germany who later on joined her parents and sister Margot ( 1926-45) in the Dutch capital in February 1934.

July 1942 ,Margot received a letter ordering her to report to a labor camp in Germany. That’s when the Frank family fled to hiding in Otto F. business in Amsterdam . Later on the family were joined by several others who were Herman van Pels who worked for Otto’s company , his wife Auguste and their son Peter along with Fritz Pfeffer, an acquaintance to the Frank family . Anne writes to her imaginary friend , Kitty about her stay in the annex . Austrian born secretary, Miep Gies risked her life to take care of them along with many others .

Chapter Three: Life coming to an end

25 months living in the annex the families were captured there were exposed by an unknown person . According to Anne Frank’s Guide Miep Gies, secretary , quoted that It was the fourth of August . It was quiet in the office . We were working and I happened to look up. The door opened and a small man entered. He pointed the revolver in his hand at me and said ?Stay seared! Don’t move!’ Of course I was frozen with fear . He closed the door and left again. I couldn’t see or hear what happened after that because I was ordered to stay at my desk . Later I heard everyone coming downstairs, very slowly. They had been able to pack in the meantime . I wasn’t allowed to go to the window , I had to stay in my seat. And I did that. Afterwards, Bep and I went upstairs to the Franks’ bedroom. And there we saw Anne’s diary lying on the ground. ?Let’s pick it up,’ I said because Bep stood there looking in a daze . I said ?Pick it up, pick it up ,let’s get out of here !,’ because we were so frightened! We went downstairs and there we were, Bep and I . ? Now what , Bep?’ Then she said : ?You’re the oldest. You should keep it.’ That seemed right.

February 22, 1941, the Germans arrested several hundred Jews and deported them from Amsterdam first to the Buchenwald concentration camp and then to the Mauthausen concentration camp.says the Holocaust Encyclopedia.
In 1944 both Anne and Margot were transferred to northern Germany at the concentration camp at Bergen- Belsen . One year later Anne Frank along with her sister Margot Frank Rest In Peace it was only weeks before they would have been freed. Instead they were contracted by a disease called Typhus . According to Healthline. com Typhus is a disease caused by infection with one or more rickettsial bacteria. Fleas, mites (chiggers), lice, or ticks transmit it when they bite you. Fleas, mites, lice, and ticks are types of invertebrate animals known as arthropods. When arthropods carrying around rickettsial bacteria bite someone, they transmit the bacteria that causes typhus. Scratching the bite further opens the skin and allows the bacteria greater access to the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria continue to reproduce and grow.

Chapter Four : Diary

Anne Frank wrote her story about her imaginary friend named Kitty she writes about hiding ,impression of the other inhabitants of the Secret Annex feeling of loneliness frustration of lack of privacy typical teeenager issuses .After being deported to the camp Anne left her diary the diary that held proof of what most Jews were going through during the Holocaust that just incase someone might say that it never happened.In Anne’s briefcase were loose pages , and other important papers that were dumped and left behind . Miep Gies kept the diary in her desk . Otto Frank survived the war after the Soviet forces liberated Auschwitz January 27, 1945 sadly for the others they rest in F.D. Later on when he returned he was given Anne’s diary says Ushmm.org he was integral to get his daughter’s diary published.

According to Holocaust Encyclopedia The Diary of Anne Frank did not become a best-seller until after it was adapted for the stage, premiering in 1955 and winning a Pulitzer Prize the next year. The book remains immensely popular, having been translated into more than 70 languages and having sold more than 30 million copies.
Chapter Five: Where are they Now?

In remembrance of Anne Frank and her family her home is visited by millions just to see how prepared and how tragic the situation was for her and other Jews . Not only is her house open for tourist there is a museum as well called Anne Frank in the World :1929-1945 in Sandy Springs , Georgia. You can take an Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise with 4 – course dinner and drinks,go on a Jewish Quarter Anne Frank Walking tour in Amsterdam.

Chapter Six: Relation to The Girl in the Blue Coat

The topic that I chose relates to the book The Girl in the Blue Coat because they both are in the same setting Amsterdam during WW11 Hanneke was set out to find a Jewish girl named Mirjam who had been hiding in secret room in Mrs. Janssen’s pantry. Very similar to Anne Frank’s story except she wasn’t the one who was searching for someone who had gone missing she was hiding to save her life . Also like the book before Mirjam arrived at Mrs. Janssen’s home her parents and and her siblings were living in Mr. Janssen’s furniture shop ,who is now been murdered, she explains how someone ratted them out , same as when the Frank’s were reported by an unknown person. When Mrs. Janssen discovered that Mirjam was gone Hanneke was sent to find her before she got caught and was sent to a concentration camp so she wouldn’t end up like Anne Frank not that the characters in this book knew Anne Frank ,but it’s reasonable.


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