Imaginary Friend of Anne Frank

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In life most people just cannot wait for the chance of becoming a grown up. Anticipating the chance to have more independence and the opportunity to do things that were perceived as being mature and cool. While growing up, the people suffer through a set of changes as they develop a sexually mature adult body. While these changes are primarily physical in nature, profound mental, emotional and social, changes also occur as youth adapt to their maturing bodies. A young Jewish girl who had to go into hiding during the Second World War to escape from the persecution of the Nazis suffered a lot. Although rejected and isolated, she didn’t stop showing signs of coming of age as a normal girl such as having an imaginary friend, entering puberty and having sexual curiosity.

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“Imaginary Friend of Anne Frank”

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First of all, Kitty, Anne’s diary, came to help to deal in the time of transition. Young children often have imaginary friends. Anne Frank, after she followed her family into hiding, never enjoyed this luxury. Her diary became Anne’s friend, her retreat from a microcosm imposed upon her and the seven other Jews imprisoned in the loft because of Hitler’s master plan of genocide against Jews and other groups. Even before the Franks entered the loft, Anne had named her diary Kitty. (Shuman). Kitty helps Anne deal with the huge change and the reader sees it when she writes to her about the Annex. I’ve probably bored you with my long description of our house, but I still think you should know where I’ve ended up (Frank 25) and when how her world turned upside down because of the sudden change. It seems like years since Sunday morning. So much has happened it’s as if the whole world had suddenly turned upside down. But as you can see, Kitty, I’m still alive (Frank 19). In these two quotes, Anne is telling Kitty that a lot have happened and she doesn’t feel comfortable being in hideout but at least she is still alive and has a friend who can tell everything.

In writing to Kitty, Frank is trying to reach out to the normal world beyond her confined quarters. She misses school and her old friends. As the youngest in the secret annex, she is treated with condescension by the adults and sometimes scolded for her boisterousness. To overcome these feelings of isolation, she invents a friend in whom she can confide (Furst).I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone (Frank 1). During her time in the annex Anne feels that despite having her parents, it’s better to tell everything to Kitty. Paper has more patience than people” (Frank 6).The Jewish girl feels that no one interested of what a thirteen year-old girl has to say and it’s better to write what she feels without fear of being judged and that was really hard for her because of being Jewish in times of the Holocaust. After Germany invaded Netherlands and the government began to persecute Jews. Anne dropped her studies and lost contact with all her Jewish friends. During hideout, Kitty acted as Anne’s trusted confident when there was no one else to tell her secrets to.

Kitty provided comfort in times of stress and companionship when she was lonely. I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support (Frank 1). Anne Frank was a popular girl in the school but she felt like she didn’t have a lots of friends and that’s one of the reasons why she had such a strong relationship with Kitty. The reader later learns that neither Mrs. Frank nor Margot offered much to Anne in the way of emotional support and even though Anne’s father tried everything he could, he failed.

And yet for a long time I’ve felt extremely lonely, left out, neglected and misunderstood. Father did everything he could to curb my rebellious spirit, but it was no use… Why didn’t father support me in my struggle? Why did he fall short when he tried to offer me a helping hand? The answer is: he used the wrong methods.

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