An Importance of Anne Frank Diary

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Being a young girl is hard enough but living in Germany as a Jew was terrible through 1939-1942 so imagine just how young Anne Frank Felt. Anne Frank was a normal girl her family was pretty wealthy she was a normal teenager she bickered with her mother and sister, Through the story she expresses her hatred for her mother. Things got rough around WW2 The Holocaust especially for the Jews they got put in concentration camps and got killed for no reason, Anne saw all this violence at such a young age. She had to hide in an top office building floor for two years from the Nazis.

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“An Importance of Anne Frank Diary”

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Through all that Anne Frank kept pushing persevering not giving up and could still express her feelings throughout her diary, but the most important message is that all people have the right to live in freedom. Anne’s story shows us that just because people may be a different religion or race, doesn’t mean that they should be treated differently, and that’s what stood out to me through this book.

Anne Frank born June 12, 1942 in the city of Frankfurt. She had a mother and father Edith and Otto Frank and one sibling a sister Margot Frank. They were raised wealthy Anne had went to all jew school because she couldn’t go to a normal school because she was a jew. Even through all she loved school she may haven’t been the brightest kid but she always pushed to her best. Anne’s family were always on their heels because they knew any minute the Nazis may come for them, so they always had a plan, and one day they did come them they packed their stuff and ran and went into their dad’s office building on to live on the top floor. They had settled their more and more people came about eight people where living on the top building floor. This was such a crucial point in Anne’s life in the beginning of her teenage years.

Anne Frank was always a joyful talkative person and sometimes selfish she like a typical teenage girl she didn’t always understand how difficult life was for her mother and the other adults around her. Anne did always look at the negative of things which got her in many conflicts she was always so positive even though she knew people were after her to perhaps kill her. Anne Showed perseverance many ways as she was used to a certain lifestyle which she stripped of just because of her ethnicity. She was to live in a small area with people she didn’t even know but she stayed true to herself as writing in her diary and expressing her feelings and conflicts and kept pushing forward.

It’s hard always see positive when everything is negative but Anne Frank had did it from going to one lifestyle to another is very difficult living in a annex when you want to go out but cant having to walk soft because you can’t give your location up, and as a teenager with all that energy and not being able to release may be very frustrating at times but Anne Frank kept persevering.

Family was very important to her she spent a lot of time with them until the Nazis had took them and they had to go into concentration camps were they were enslaved and put to work, it was hard on Anne and her family but as we see Anne is a fighter and she didn’t give up she went into hiding still writing in her diary still still being her she wasn’t being heartless, she knew what good would it do if just feel pity and get taken by the Nazis too and there’s is were Anne Frank showed perseverance.

Anne Frank is important to the world because she showed non-jews what it was like living during the Holocaust as a Jew. Anne Frank has shown perseverance by hiding from the Nazis, by not giving up in life because of her nationality, and living through the Holocaust.Anne Frank persevered because she kept most of her life struggles a secret. She fought through her life because she was Jewish, and she lived during the Holocaust. If Anne didn’t preserver she wouldn’t have lived as long as she did. Perseverance is important because it pushes people to do things they never thought they could.

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