“The Lady or the Tiger” by Frank Stockton

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Is jealousy more powerful than love? This is a question that we humans may ask other people or ask ourselves from time to time.This answer is Yes, jealousy is more powerful than love. In the story “The lady or The Tiger” by Frank Stockton, a criminal is sent to a arena and is given the opportunity to choose between two doors. One door leads to one of the most beautiful ladys at the place.The second doors leads to a very hungry tiger, the tiger is ready to eat the criminal into shreds. The person that is the criminal lover is also the semi barbarics King's daughter. They hate this lady with a lot of passion. Not only does she know the lady but she also knows what door she is standing behind. Now will she choose love or jealousy.

Jealousy is the cousin of the greed.They focus on what they want and what they want to lose in sight of what we actually really need. If the courtier, “it was one of the fairest and the love that the dismissal gives.” (140) The princess is in love with the criminal that has to choose a door, one with a person to marry and another door with the tiger. The princess hates the lady and doesn't want her to love him. She will go a long way to make sure that he doesn't marry any other lady.

Jealousy is just a sign that you just love that person. The Princess loves the criminal but so much she would not let me to see him with anyone else. She likes to put herself before others and she always wants to and like to come first in everything. The question that the princess asks herself is “ would it not be better for him to die all at once and so they would not have to wait for her.” (196) She is very jealous of the lady that is letting her jealousy overcome the love that she has gotten from the criminal. She rather want to watch her love die in front of her then to be alive with a lady that she very much hates a lot. Just because she thinks she is the most beautiful person in the land.

In the end I believe that the princess’s jealousy is so much stronger than her love for this man, due to her being very semi barbaric genes and, she loves being spoiled by her father and that proves that her jealousy is a lot more powerful. The decisions she makes herself to be very happy . Her lovers death is nothing in her eyes.                                                

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