Panasonic Confirms to Stay All-Weather Friend of Huawei

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“A friend in need is a friend indeed” It is a true proverb and it suits in the current situation where Panasonic has confirmed to stay with Huawei. As we all know, it is a challenging situation for Huawei; several companies have boycotted Huawei and one after another, many companies are still entering the list of banning Huawei. At this moment, Panasonic has proved to be the all-weather friend of Huawei.The Challenging Situation for Huawei:

The US and China trade war have affected the business relations of many companies. Huawei is one of them because it is one of the Chinese companies which get supplies from the US companies. Furthermore, it is on its way to becoming the world’s largest smartphone sellers. Therefore, the Trump Administration’s order of banning Huawei is creating a challenging situation for Huawei. One by one, many companies have boycotted Huawei i.e. Google, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM, and Broadcom, etc. According to recent news, Huawei is excluded from being a member of the SD Association. Thus, Huawei cannot put official SD or microSD card support in its devices i.e. smartphones and laptops. Panasonic Confirmation:

Panasonic is a Japanese company that has a long history working with Huawei and other Chinese companies. It said that it will not stop its supplies to a Chinese company- Huawei.

Panasonic had sent an internal notification to suspend transactions with Huawei when the US government banned the Chinese companies. Meanwhile, Panasonic contemplated the situation and later made an announcement saying, “Huawei has always been an important partner with Panasonic Corp.” Furthermore, Panasonic assured to sell the commodities and provide their services to the Chinese companies. Addition to this, it has defined its territory and has confirmed to work according to Japanese law and regulations.


There is no doubt, the US had maintained its monopoly for quite a long period but now there are many nations that are emerging to become developed nations. One of them is China. The whole situation is shifting the world from unipolar to bipolar dimension. The countries need to decide to whom they want to support. The Japanese company, Panasonic has shared to help China and grow its business in China. Well, the Japanese company has played for its regional interest but ultimately it would benefit both the countries; Japan has got a huge market in China and China has got an ally against the US.

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