School Uniforms should not be Mandatory

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It is highly debated across America that schools should require their students to wear a uniform throughout the school day, with this opinion, there exist many articles that support this claim. The so-called benefits that these articles claim, they there is research that refutes these claims, and its truth outweighs the benefits that are stated from these supporting claims. We can examine studies conducted by professionals, and statistics derived from reliable and reputable sources, that support the statement that schools should not require their students to wear a uniform during the school day. The enforcement of uniforms in schools violate a student’s freedom of expression, as supported by the first amendment in the constitution of the United States.

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“School Uniforms should not be Mandatory”

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Schools provide us our education and are the gateway for the future of the country, and the countries value of thought and expression in which America was founded on. School uniforms conflict with freedom of expression, and creating schools into uniformity that erases diversity from school grounds. (Rowland) Students should be able to express their emotions, thoughts, and views on politics. Attire sends a silent message to the viewers, and tells a story about the wearers, states their opinion and affiliations, and enables the wearer to be seen as they want to be. (Rowland) Lee Rowland, affiliated with ACLU Nevada, brought forth the argument, presenting that school officials are likely to argue that school is exclusive to learning, while students can exercise freedom of expression outside of school.

In “Four Reasons Public Schools Should Think Twice Before Instituting School Uniform Policies”, Lee Rowland argues: But the two simply aren’t mutually exclusive… In fact, the differences among student outfits are fertile grounds for identifying their likes and dislikes . . . and showcasing the breadth of choice and diversity among young people. These are tools that teachers and other students can use to increase the educational experience, by getting to know students as fully-formed individuals, and talking about divergent socioeconomic and cultural norms. (Rowland)

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