Why is AA so Successful?

According to the journal Alcoholics, Anonymous (AA) is an organization known worldwide ,to be so successful, it is  playing a vital role in helping the individuals by availing social support aimed to help them quit alcohol. Most importantly the key purpose of this institution was to assist the members of the society to remain sober and facilitate in assisting others alcoholics to be able to achieve sobriety. In addition, the organization is independent and does not in any way have affiliation in either of the political perspective, sect, religious view or even any institution or organization.

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A generally is not opposing or supporting any cause (Zemore 940).

AA organization offers high-quality services to its members and the society at large without demanding any chargers or payments. According to the research, it is perfectly funded by the voluntary support of its members. This is actually going to be very useful and effective in the society as many people might be driven to the view of seeing the real situation they might be in when fully committed to the orientation programs aimed t making them overcome this bad practice of taking alcohol.

In the 20th century there was this Oxford a religious group based in Europe and United States , its main objective was to ensure there is self-improvement. It gave birth to AA in the year 1935.To meets the AA goals there is twelve traditions and twelve steps in order to remain sober and quit the unethical act of taking alcohol(Butler,2010).AA organization is very useful in nurturing people and improving their social life because it will shift them from their beliefs and stand. Therefore it will be important to help people see those who used to be drunkards realize themselves and setting strategies to manage themselves effectively and be responsible to their families and play their role to society.

This organization is so popular all over the world for it has really helped most of the Alcoholics to recover from alcoholism. Moreover, it is widely offering a very important program to the society. I believe that many have recovered from being alcoholics and therefore taking the appropriate direction in life nurturing the others in the society.

Recently researchers have been having questions concerning the effectiveness of this organization. The investigations were focusing on the effectiveness of Alcohol anonymous the twelve step facilitation. For instance, recently Cochrane database made an evaluation on AA programs and it was discovered that they could not be able to find any experimental study demonstrating the way TSF and AA programs are effective in the society these are the applied approaches by AA to reduce the people’s dependency on alcohol.

His findings surprised the society due to the popularity and proper dissemination of AA. Although some researchers could discover the evidence showing affects of this organization approaches it could not work effectively regarding abstinence rates and magnitude of the effects. The higher rates of abstinence are related to higher level of attendance. According to my research on this organization  so successful and helpful in the society. The AA program is very widely and popular available in the society. According to researchers, many people all over the world have got different views and perspectives on this organization.

The members and the public are free to have an access to AA services. This organization is mainly focused on helping the society rather than money and financial gains. Since the organization does not prevent people from events based on financial resources because they want all people to enjoy their services irrespective of their social and financial status (Kelly 929).Most of the meetings are scheduled to take place in the evening. This is a very convenient time where most people are free and locally available to get these services. The organization will, therefore, be ready in motivating people to overcome this problem of alcoholism. Another very crucial advantage is having social support whereby AA encourages its member to look for sponsors in the event of the program.

The most appropriate sponsors are the people who have already recovered from alcoholism; they will effectively nature others on the approaches and steps required to quit alcoholism. It is the high time when the victims and the people recovered from alcoholism share and exchange their life experiences and stories encouraging the drinkers to quit the alcoholism.

Through sharing of their stories of sobriety, the sponsors will have assisted the people in the AA through the process and eventually they may end up recovering from alcohol. According to the research for AA organization to boost its services it has a well-established online community offering the same services aimed at reducing the tendency of taking alcohol. An individual could easily get assisted while at home, work by contacting others online. This encourages masses to get connected and enjoy the services.

On the other hand, I believe despite the program being of great importance and benefit to the society it also can be associated with some disadvantages. The organization has set some strategies to overcome this. According to Sharma, article when it comes to the actual programming of AA.People without any religious belief or atheist could not fully be interested in this program because it is based on the religious view. According to the recent studies, it is clearly known that individuals do face challenges such as difficulty when carrying out robust experiments aimed at evaluating the AA center effectiveness of the effect of its program at large(Kelly 930). Most of the reviews of its effectiveness in its services suggested that the AA is not mildly effective after conducting few studies on it.

This organization is with the potential to attract the volunteers willing to either attend or not to attend their meetings. There is another problem affecting this institution because there are biases in the selection of the AA participants. This organization is aimed at attracting people to voluntarily succeed the organization goals and aims. The youth in school have a challenge of high dropout rate. It is not totally not perfect that these school drop will become successful abstainers of alcohol or are not in any more need of AA treatment or relapsing. Individuals can result to be doing worse if forced to attend training and orientation based on reducing the rate of alcoholism. This mandate might be given by the court order but I think it would have been more effective if people do it as a result of their voluntary services. Withholding treatment to is unethical because there is randomization of participants in the treatment based on the comparison of their condition (Zemore 940).

Generally, I believe that despite the fact that in AA we have got a lot of benefits that could potentially help the needy in the society. It is actually not effective to see the effectiveness the AA organization. There is not enough evidence on the effectiveness of the AA organization. But further research should be done to foster its effectiveness in the society. This will generally make the organization so useful and offering its services to the community.

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