A Moral Dilemma in Genetic Engineering

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We are presented with a moral dilemma in genetic engineering. This is how far we should go in genetic engineering and where should draw the line. Genetic engineering has evolved in last few years in different ways. More people use genetic engineering on themselves, their children, and animals.

        When more people start to use genetic engineering people will start to change things that were not supposed to be changed. Once scientist master curing simple genetic disorders with genetic engineering where will we draw the line. How long until people start changing other thing like gender, hair color, even IQ, and body shape. This provides us with many questions like is this even a ethical thing to do.

        A parent's worst nightmare is to pass a disease that they have on to their kids. Because of this if an adult has a genetic disorder and they do not want to risk passing it onto their child in the future. So you would think that most parents would love too easily solve this problem with genetic engineering. 65 percent think changing the genetic of unborn babies to lower the risk of genetic diseases should be illegal. Only 26 percent said it should be legal and believe that the DNA of an unborn child should not be tampered the other percent does not know.

Most people think that genetic engineering is a amazing idea and great technology. Genetic engineering can do a lot of things it can cure disease, even clone and make animals glow but sadly they are testing this thing on animals. Scientist are learning to grow body parts like ear, but they are growing them on animals. Scientist are even learning to control animals like rats with technology and a remote.

Even though genetic engineering sounds like a amazing idea at first, it is important to think about all of the possible thing that could happen and how it would change everything in are world. We need to know how far we are going to go with this technology and when we have gone too far, this is so we do not end up with a society that we regret creating. It is very important for us all to be informed on this new forming technology. The effects of genetic engineering needs to be discussed and researched.

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