Signs a Woman is Cheating on You 

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Women do cheat, by the way, actually, they are much better at it than men. Women are like a Ph.D. in cheating as compared to men. As an example of what a particular woman did with a guy she was cheating with, she would save his name in her phone with a women’s name, such as, Leila; hiding the actual identity of whom she is chatting with. So if her husband would notice a text on her phone from Leila, he would probably won’t read it. This is just one of the common examples.

Let’s see few signs that a woman is cheating on you:

When she goes to a specific place like work or marketplace and she is changing her appearance differently. If she is all of a sudden looking different, prettier, regularly; or if there’s a big mood change, if they are walking with more of a spring in their step there often means something is going on. For example, if she stops wearing granny panties, that can be a bad sign. Especially if she is not showing you specifically, like, ‘Look what I got! Or Aren’t I too hot?’ It also could mean that it’s not for you so much.

An increase and or decrease in intercourse appetite is another thing to be concerned about. If men or women are cheating, their lovemaking life at home becomes a lot better some times because it increases their libido. In a woman the more orgasms you have, the more you have intercourse and the more you crave for it. So if your wife or your girlfriend all of a sudden start craving for more of lovemaking than she did before that actually could mean she is cheating on you. Or vice versa, if you had a really good physical relationship before and suddenly don’t, that could mean that she could be cheating you. If she’s pulling away, feeling weird about you touching her, could be a sign that she’s into someone else.

If she’s disappearing for blocks of time or is not responding to texts at certain times of the day or certain periods regularly, it could mean to be extra careful. If there is a big change in her day to day routine could mean something not right; either an emotional affair or a physical affair, it can go either way. So look for a few of these signs but be careful not to overthink unnecessarily because of the lack of trust and doubts that you may have.

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