Why do Students Cheat in Exams?

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Cheating is defined as using any kind of illegal methods in exams or elections to get better results. Cheating has been known as the improper action all over the world but it is a common attitude which students take in exams. You can hardly find a student who is not familiar with diverse ways of cheating. There are some reasons which cause cheating. In some cases, the cheater would like to express his abilities in cheating. In most cases, the cheater has to cheat in order to overcome diverse pressures which the academic system, family and some other personal problems caused.

In my idea, one important factor is more effective than others and also is the one which is nearly out of control of students is the harsh policies of academic system. For instance, unfair tests and harsh grading system are factors which students mostly cannot modify anyway, so they have to adapt themselves with the situation. Most of the time when you face an unfair exam, it is hard to pass the course. On the other hand, the most important and only way of evaluating is the mark which is gained in answer sheet so the poor student has to gain at least a grade which he can pass the course easily. In this case, cheating seems the easiest and the practical method to reach the goal.

The other factor is family an especially parents. Everybody is familiar with those parents who make comparison between their child and his friends and they explain their idea without thinking of the result. Maybe, they are not cautious of how they are hurting their child by comparing him with others. In most cases, the student does his best but he is not as intelligent as his friend so he has to be a cheater in order to get best marks and get the favorite attention of his parents.

There are some other situations which cause the improper act of cheating. Some unpredictable problems such as illnesses, unexpected guests and such problems which students have to face, are the examples of those kind of situations. Sometimes the relationship which people have is the reason of cheating. Students think if they do not give the answers to their friends, they will lose the relation. Eventually they use cheating as a way of conserving their friends.

Basically, cheating is considered a faulty strategy from various aspects. As I mentioned above, the students are not the only guilty people in cheating. The most important elements which make cheating a necessary thing are harsh academic system, family and miss understandings of students for analyzing the issues and those reasons such unpredictable problems. If anyone could manage his manner in the correct way, so the pressures will decrees. A new correctly designed academic system can eliminate or at least, it can reduce cheating among students.

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