Who is the Famous Walt Disney?

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Walt Disney was just a kid following his dream of making cartoons. He always wanted to help people through hard times. There was trouble trying to go big in this life. He fought through all the bad things until he reached his dream. Could he do anymore in is life than what we imagine.

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“Who is the Famous Walt Disney?”

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Disney was a good kid at such a young age. He was always trying to help people. He lived through the great depression trying to make a big difference. Walt was always moving it seemed like as a kid. Walt wanted to join the army when America joined the first World War but he was underage. Since he was underage and was unable to join the army he still wanted to do something to help people. He joined the Red Cross in late 1918. Disney was sent to France to drive an ambulance.

He decided to move back to Kanas city in 1919 to follow is dream. He found work in that area of work he wanted to do in life. When arriving in Kansas he founded a series of jobs that didn’t really live up to his needs of a job. He kept with the jobs he didn’t like until he could find a job in the film industry. He found work at the Kansas City film ad company. Walt Disney worked hard and got a great opportunity to work in relatively field of animation. He became successful in the early learning of his cartoon work. Walt was doing so well he was set up with his own studio Laugh-O-Gram.

Disney was faced with trouble trying to make enough money to keep his studio going. His cartoons were not as popular as he hoped they would have been. His studio was in trouble and he knew it. Walt had to come up with an idea fast before he went bankrupt. With all the high labor costs his studio wasn’t making business and ended up going bankrupt before he could do anything. He decided to go to Hollywood which he could maybe find a new job where the film industry was growing. Walt wanted to find a job that he could make a difference while doing something he loved, so he was on the search to find what that was.

He had huge ideas what he wanted to do for the films and even wanted to do more. In 1924 he had a huge idea that he wanted to make an animated full movie just at the age of 23. He wanted to call this movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.’ The movie wasn’t an easy thing to do but Walt fought through it and made it a big hit. There was a lot of money put into it but Walt was hit with a curveball when he ran out of money trying to make his dream come true.

He wasn’t sure what to do but luckily some of his fans were so devoted to Walt that they helped him with the money. If it wasn’t for Disney’s fans the movie might not have even got completed. The movie turned out being a great success making eight million dollars on the very first release. Reviews were out the roof they were so great and everyone seemed to love it. This is the beginning for Walt and everyone is very excited to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Disney was happy that the movie worked out after all. Walt Disney was making his dreams come true in 1932.He was winning awards and didn’t even know what to with them. He was nominated for the best animated short film Mickeys Orphans. Disney won the academy honorary award. He also won the best animated short film, Flowers and Trees.

Walt always underestimated himself when he was nominated for any kind of award. Occurring to www.waltdisney.org article about Award-winning Walt, Walt’s niece, Patty, remembered, Tom Jones, a Studio publicist, was assigned to take Walt to the Academy Awards one year. Walt told Lilly not to bother coming to the event because he didn’t think he was going to win anything. So Walt went to the Awards and got so many that the press took photos of him holding all these Oscars.

Walt Disney was a Christian protestant and was part of the Congregational Church. Walt never expressed his religion much. He wasn’t sure about the whole situation. [Quoted from Roland Grammons book] Faith is a star, Walt say ‘I am personally thankful that my parents taught me at a very early age to have a strong personal belief and reliance in the power of prayer for divine inspiration. My people were members of the congregational church in our home town of Marceline, Missouri. It was there where I was first taught the efficacy of religion should play in everyday life. I [] prayer.

Some interesting facts about Walt Disney that most people don’t know. He was determined to produce a long animated film even though everyone thought it was an awful idea. When word got out that Disney planned to turn Snow White into a feature film, industry insiders were convinced his effort was going to turn out awful and he would make a big mistake. But you all know that didn’t happen and the show turned into a huge hit.

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