Walt Disney World Drawings

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Walt Disney liked to draw. Disney built one of the most famous places on earth called Disneyland. He was the voice of Mickey Mouse for a couple of years. Walt also was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Johnson. When Walt was drawing it sometimes got him into big trouble. One day at the Disney's farm, Walt ran out of paper so he drew on his house. When his dad caught him, he was in huge trouble so his dad made him do way more chores than the others. Another time he was drawing was in class. He wouldn't focus in class, and when his teacher caught him she would slam his fingers in the desk, because back then in school to discipline the kids they would slam there fingers in the desk or hit them with a ruler. Meet all of the characters Walt created and their debuts.

First character is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit he was the first series, but then Walt lost his rights to his popular creation. In response to that he made a new character named Mortimer Mouse but then he didn't like the name Mortimer so he changed it to Mickey. The first short film of Mickey Mouse was named Steamboat Willie, and this film actually was Walt's first to have sound, but Walt also didn't like the way Mickey sounded so used his voice. A couple years after that, he got to busy and couldn't use his voice anymore so he had to go back to the older voice. Last was Donald Duck, he was shown in many theaters, the short was called The New Spirit. Disney filmed shorts for the U.S. government during World War II. The New Spirit, was the first film for people. This film was to encourage them to pay their income taxes as a way to support war effort. The next film was called Der Fuehrer's Face, which made fun of the Nazis and again starred Donald Duck. The last one was named Victory Through Air Power, and that one was a live action-animated feature. It was considered controversial by some U.S. military officials about long-range bombing, and both President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill saw the film and they were impressed.

The plans for Disneyland. Walt intended to build an amusement park near his Burbank studio, however his plans grew more ambitious and he hired a research firm to find the Optimal Southern California location for a large theme park. Construction began in July and Disneyland opened a year after on July 14. Opening wasn't that fun though, people produced counterfeit tickets, leading to an over capacity crowd on attendees, rides broke, parts of the park were unfinished, and a gas leak forces Fantasyland to be closed. Disneyland was an immediate success and after one month the park had hosted more than half a million visitors.

Walt Disney won a lot of academy awards. He won 22 Oscars and he was nominated 59 times. In 1932, at the fifth Academy Awards ceremony, he earned his agugural award for the best short subject cartoon category. Disney went on to win the same category at the next seven Oscars, including one for creating Mickey Mouse, another for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Last he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Johnson. Walt Disney died while Disney World was being built. He suffered from lung cancer because he was a long time smoker. He died on December 15 at the age of 65. But now Disneyland and Disney World are very famous. There is even one in Paris, France. Walt also built a place called Epcot by Disney World. Epcot is a place based on the future. Overall Walt Disney's theme parks are still a favorite for kids worldwide.

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