Early Life Walt Disney

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Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 in Hermosa Chicago, IL. Disney had a Mom, Dad, 3 Brothers, and 1 Sister. When he was 4 his parents moved to Marceline, Missouri to a family farm. His interests where Art, Drawing, Nature, and wildlife. Disney’s Mom taught him how to read and write. He went to school when he was 7 because his Dad thought it would be fitting for him to go to school with his younger Sister Ruth. Disney went to Park School Elementary in Marceline, Missouri. He won 7 Emmy and 32 Academy Awards. Disney always dreamed of being an artist and an animator. Later Disney went to McKinley High school and graduated. He joined Red Cross at the age of 17. After He came home he became an Animator at Kansas city Film Company. Middle Life In 1921 Disney moved to HollyWood.

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Disney thought his studio should have a secretary to manage financial things. He hired Lillian Bounds for 15 dollars a week. Disney soon fell in love with her. Disney married her on July 13, 1925. He married her because he and Roy were sick of being roommates. And the fact that he loved Lillian. In 1927 his boss, Charles Mintz told him to make a cartoon character, Disney did. He created a character named Oswald. Oswald was an immediate success. Disney asked Mintz if he could have a raise to make the cartoon better Mintz said no and took Oswald away from Disney. After the tragedy with Oswald Disney created Mickey Mouse who he originally was going to name Mortimer Mouse but his wife, Lillian convinced him that it was not a good name for the Mouse. So he came up with Mickey Mouse. The cartoon that Mickey Mouse was in was Crazy Plane. Mickey was also an immediate success. Later Disney learned how to put sound in cartoons and he created Steamboat Willie. In 1934 he started planning Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He decided he wanted it to be more than a cartoon and he made the first ever cartoon movie.

The movie cost more than one million and four hundred dollars. The movie made over 8 million dollars per year. Before Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released Disney had started planning more cartoon movies. Some of the movies were Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi. Pinocchio and Fantasia would bring the studio forward in a different way. Pinocchio and Fantasia would bring the studio forward in different ways. Pinocchio would bring the studio forward by inspiring artists to paint an animal world. Pinocchio was released on February 7, 1940. Fantasia would bring the studio forward by using classical music. Fantasia was finally released on November 13, 1940. When world war two was going on he dropped every movie except Bambi. Disney was really attached to this movie. He actually had two fawns in the studio so the ink artist could watch them and draw them. Bambi was finally released on August 12, 1942. It wasn’t a big hit because it was released seven months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

When it re-released in 1947 it was a big hit. Later Life Disney wanted to have children but Lillian was having trouble. She had 2 kids die in pregnancy. Finally, Diane Marie Disney on December 18th, 1933. Disney and Bounds loved Diane so much they adopted Sharon Mae Disney in January 1937. In 1954 Disney started planning Disneyland. He purchased 160 acres of land in orange Grove California.In 1954 Disney started planning Disneyland. He purchased 160 acres of land in orange Grove California. There were four lands in Disneyland they were FantasyLand, FrontierLand, AdventureLand and TmorrowLand. FantasyLand was based on Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Peter Pan. FrontierLand was based on Western. AdventureLand had a Jungle theme. TommorowLand you would see Houses, cars,and cites from the future. It opend July 17th, 1955.

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