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Walter Disney was an inspiration to many. His passion was making tv animations to entertain adults and children. He put his heart into creating the largest theme park in the world, Disney World. Even through hard times he pursued his dream and never gave up. Walter, most commonly known as Walt, is one of the most famous names in history for creating and directing television shows, movies and characters, along with the many theme parks of Disney World.

Walter Elias Disney, was a cartoonist and filmmaker. He was born on December 5, 1901 in Hermosa, Illinois. His father, Elias Disney, was a Canadian - American, and his mother, Flora Disney, was a German - American. He was one of 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl. He was a high congregational christian.

His wife, Lillian Bounds, was an ink & paint artist that worked for him. They were married on July 13, 1925 and had two daughters. Their first child, Diane, was born on December 18, 1933. She was a philanthropist, who founded the winery Silverado Vineyards. She passed away in 2013. Her sister, Sharon Mae, was adopted December 21, 1936, and died in 1993.

Walt as a child attended night classes in high school at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He dropped out of highschool at the age of 16 to join the army. Since he was to young, he changed his birthpapers 1901 to 1900 so he could join the Red Cross. He spent a year overseas working for the Red Cross, driving an ambulance chauffeuring Red Cross officials. He was discharged after the war and went home in September of 1919 and begin his career as a cartoonist.

His first job was in a barn, with only 4 to 5 people working (including Walter). His brother, Roy O. Disney, and a couple of his friends, Ub Iwerks and Rudy Ising, were a few who worked with him. In 1923 Walter asked for money from his parents and his brother Roy, to help pay for his business. In 1928, Mickey Mouse was created which brought him and his company to have more money. In 1967, Walt began construction of Disney World, and that's where all the magic happened, from a blueprint to your eyes. Five years later (1972), it finally opened costing 17 million dollars, allowing billions of people to see, feel, and BELIEVE. Walt created many popular characters we know today, like Dumbo, Bambi, the mickey mouse crew, and disney princesses.

In 1920 their company Laugh - O - Gram had financial problems and he feared that he would not be able to achieve what he had wanted. The company eventually went broke. Laugh - O - Gram ended soon after, leaving Walt penny less. He had to move in with his aunt and uncle and pursued a new job. He had other challenges to deal with. He lost the rights to his first creation, Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit. It didnt stop him there. He made a new creation, Mickey Mouse, which made him a lot of money. After a while he went bankrupt again, in the middle of making Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He went to a bank to get a loan to finish the film. He made lots of money and was able to complete one of the first of many successful films of disney princesses. Walt never let go of his dream, he had to finish what he started, just like his father had always told him.

Walt Disney had many achievements throughout his life. They included, 32 Oscar Academy Awards (and still holds record of them), He was nominated 59 times, 21 animated movies, 47 non animated, and 330 hours of Mickey Mouse Club. He also created one of the largest theme parks in the world. Today Disney World has more rides, theme parks, and is the most magical place to many.

After the first Disney World was done, he wanted to build a 2nd one in Florida, but he was very ill from lung cancer.Sadly in 1966 he passed away in California, 10 days after his 65th birthday. We still remember him for his movies, films, and his courage of never giving up. He has inspired so many people to never give up and to push through challenges that faced you. ""If you can dream it you can do it. Remember that this whole thing started with a dream, and a mouse"" ~ Walt Disney

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