Where do i Want to Go?

I wanted to go abroad to see the world since I was a child, so try to study hard in to have good performance.

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“Where do i Want to Go?”

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Because it is my first time abroad, I will go abroad without any relatives or friends. I must learn to be independent, especially when I encounter difficulties, I must learn how to take care of myself. Then I will go to school. If there will be a language barrier, if I cannot communicate with others smoothly, this is the biggest difficulty because the absence of communication means no friends, learning is very difficult. Yes, money has become the biggest problem because the living environment in foreign countries is different. Working for money and housing are also problems. It’s good to live in your home because it saves a lot of money. However, if you rent a house, the rent should be very expensive, and comfortable or uncomfortable living is another issue. You have to look for a place closer to the school. If you share with others, be careful about your finances. Maybe everyone from a different country will have argument.

Now many people choose to study abroad. Frankly speaking, if there are such conditions, the advantage is that studying abroad is a rare opportunity to broaden your horizons and increase your knowledge. It will even be attracted to different local cultures. However, studying abroad is a major decision for everyone and every family. Before we go abroad, we should consider the purpose of studying abroad. What do we hope to get from studying abroad? What are the advantages of studying abroad?

Secondly, the information technology in modern society is very developed. You might think you can learn everything about the developed world through the media and the Internet. You can imagine how you live in a foreign country. But that kind of imagination is completely different from the reality of my life abroad. Breathing fresh air and realizing the humanistic care of local people will be an experience that I cannot experience in China. Studying abroad will greatly broaden your horizons, experience multiculturalism, exercise independent thinking, live independently, develop a calm attitude towards victory and defeat, and help you understand human nature and society more comprehensively. It will also make me care and love my country more.Thirdly, the choice of studying abroad is very diversified. There are two implications. First, foreign universities offer a wide range of majors. Many majors are still blank in China, or domestic peers are not universally recognized. Typical examples include clinical medicine and law. As far as I know, like medicine, some countries are not allowed to study. If I want to do an internship abroad. Then I only chose foreign degrees. Secondly, in China, most graduate students still need a bachelor’s degree and professional background, while studying abroad is more flexible, no examination is required, and it is more convenient to change majors. For example, I found online that English majors can apply for accounting, education, media, and even IT majors – something that is almost impossible in China. (of course, this may be harder to understand than other majors.)Fourth, reading efficiency is a significant difference between foreign and domestic universities. On the one hand, developed countries are more advanced in education methods, concepts and teaching facilities. Another advantage is time. We know that the standard study time of domestic universities is 4 years for an undergraduate and 3 years for a master. According to the data, in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries, the undergraduate-only needs three years, the master only needs three years. In this year, it greatly reduces the opportunity cost of studying abroad, because, in this way, I can start my career three years earlier than my domestic peers! This is definitely an opportunity and a challenge for me. Nowadays, many people study abroad to change the status quo. There are quite a few people in this country who have a good job but are eager to overburden on career development. Despite their high incomes, they are aware of the competitive pressures on businesses, and the need to constantly recharge and learn to stay competitive. Or they’ve reached a point where they find it difficult to break through. Further research is timely. Some people want to change that. They are not satisfied with their present job. They hope to earn relevant overseas degrees after studying abroad and then turn to the industry they like. It’s also possible.

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