China Civil War

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The uprise in China from a poor and horrible economic country that had very little money and so on. To a major economic power within a time span of twenty-eight years is often described by people as one of the greatest success stories in these present times. It all started with the Ming dynasty, Chinese emperors began a policy of isolationism. It began separating China off from the rest of the world and stopping outside innovation from reaching China. The reason why is because the Chinese are self-centered people. Meaning that they are the Middle Kingdom.

China at one time was once the largest country before 1900, when China started to grow and become a good economy. During that time China was being hugely controlled by many foreign nations, which meant they overruled well known major ports. The Chinese have been in a variety of “Opium Wars”, which were between Britain, China and France for China it didn’t end to good. The result of that was that China had to sadly hand over it’s most important port, Hong Kong to Britain. One effect that these wars had was that China lost control of sea ports. To be exact they lost 50 of their most prosperous ports in China. At the time they were deemed as “treaty ports” that meant they were available to foreign residence and also trade. Around the year of 1949 China began to comeback and restore their country.

“After being isolated from the rest of the world for over than 200 years, China found itself vastly technologically backwards compared to the rest of the world. When Britain attacked China over the destruction of Chinese opium and decimated the Qing Chinese armies.” They were unlike the Japanese leaders who were around the same time, quickly executed the Meiji Restoration. After being visited by Commodore Perry, the Qing court was corrupt. It was only worried about controlling the power and the wellbeing of the nations.

As a result, China was overruled by foreign spheres of influence who created whole generations of opium addicts, it was not the smartest by any measure. According to “Even after the Qing dynasty fell apart with the establishment of the Republic of China in 1911, warlords wrestled over China, leaving it in turmoil.” Until the establishment of people’s Republic in China of 1949 where China finally got rid of the Civil War. In year of 1979 China was opened up to trade with outside world; meaning other countries and so on. They also finally got on the road to prosperity which is still on now

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