What would you do with a 127 Million Dollars?

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Take a moment and ask yourself if you could blow $127 Million. It sounds crazy, but apparently very possible. Terrance Watanabe did the unthinkable by blowing $127 million in one year just by gambling. Gambling can become an addiction and can be considered a drug if you can’t control your habits. Watanabe did just that, gambling became his addiction and he couldn’t resist the thrill. Now saying this let it be known he was not always sober while doing this, Watanabe was also consuming alcohol while going on this gambling run (CBS, 2009). With this being said who’s in the wrong, the casinos that kept allowing Watanabe to gamble constantly or Watanabe who would not set a limit and control his habit?

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“What would you do with a 127 Million Dollars?”

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Terrance Watanabe without a doubt had a serious problem, I think we can all agree on that. In 2007, Watanabe’s problem would change his life forever. As I mentioned before Watanabe lost, yes lost 127 million. Now that year it has been reported that Watanabe bet a mind-blowing total of $825 million (CBS, 2009). Watanabe’s urge to gamble basically had him living at the casino’s if you really think about it. He would play slot machines for 24 hours straight and then go on to play a few hands of blackjack, which had a limit of $50,000 each (CBS, 2009). With all of the gambling, this would lead to people showing up to the casino’s Watanabe would gamble at just to watch him in amazement if you would call it that. 

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