Need to Strive for Gaming Addiction Free Society

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In today’s context, an increasing number of people are concern more about gaming addiction. More and more people begin to have a certain dependence on games, in order to help people better understand some problems; scholars have done a lot of research and statistics. Furthermore, researchers have studied the subject of game addiction in three aspects?from the teacher’s point of view, from the parents’ point of view, from the game itself.

Firstly, Lee Kem's study to the teachers of how gaming addiction threatens students' success. The gamer addiction is an obsession with video game playing that usually begins in elementary and middle school. He cited a number of authoritative statistics to prove the harm of gaming addiction to students. Many American students thus affect the normal life of their families and their studies. Here are two examples, a 19-year-old male student and a senior female student. The male student has poor grades, lack of sleep, missed a lot of classes, while the female student has excellent grades, lack of sleep, and severe procrastination, all due to their heavy dependence on video games. Besides, the major two characteristics of Gamer Addiction are withdraw and isolation. This makes them depressed and causes them trouble. As a means of escaping from reality, games bring people a sense of control that cannot be experienced in life, and there is no fear of the unknown. Therefore, many college students are addicted to games which make them aggressive and gloomy. In addition, in order to help addicted students, teachers should learn to identify them and intervene in time. It is clearly identified as one of the chief causes of addiction to the young students.

Secondly, a video game guide for parents. This section tells them how to avoid addiction of their children. Video games have many addictions, and some games have no negative effects such as sex or violence, but are easily addictive. For example, a very simple game will be free to play to attract people. The beginning will give some very simple tutorials and tasks, once completed, there are a lot of rewards, and then more and more difficult, so people will want to play more and more. Others are waiting to play, moving the doorpost, moving the progress bar, continue the article after the AD, and playing with friends, all of which are addictive to the children. Parents can try to understand their children's games and see if there is an addictive factor to help them better balance games and life. As a result, parents should do something to prevent their children from becoming addicted.

Third, Dr. Brent discusses some of the reasons of video game addiction. There are 15 reasons: have no pre-defined ends, feed a need of making social connections, game rewards are based on leveling system, and encourage play and collaboration with gamers worldwide, etc. These reasons show that video games are addictive because they can easily satisfy people's desires that cannot be realized in normal society, can help people vent their bad emotions, and create a comfortable environment for people so that they do not want to get rid of it(Mehroof, M et al. (2010). In conclusion, in addition to the influence of external pressure, the game itself has many addictive factors.

At last, Lee, Dr. Brent, and many other researchers have analyzed the causes of gaming addiction in terms of teachers, parents, and the game itself, and have provided many suggestions to help children prevent addiction.

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