What it is Like to be in Social Work

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The field of social work deals with the health and well-being of people in need. A practicing social worker is an individual that aims to help people develop their skills and their abilities the best way possible. A social worker uses resources and help people within the community. Heather Murphy is an example of what a social work is and should be. The motivation to go into social work for Murphy wasn't difficult because she enjoyed helping others. She had a passion, a drive to help others and to make a positive impact with individuals of her community. Social workers field is broad and deciding what field not to work in was difficult for Murphy. Instead, she decided to think of the different fields that she would best enjoy working for and that helped her to narrow down the possibilities. There are plenty of jobs in the social work profession that are both fulfilling and can offer more than adequate compensation. Compensation wasn't a main concern for Murphy, it was the satisfaction of being able to help someone that made her choice this career path. Murphy has an exceptional educational background. She is a licensed social worker who received a Bachelor of Social Work at Elms College.

Also, accomplished to receive a Master's degree focused in social work from Fordham University. Currently a candidate at Walden University where she is studying for a PhD. Her extensive education is a sign of dedication and perseverance. Time and effort have earned her such great knowledge that is given daily to whomever is in her presence. The more learning of skills and values has helped Murphy with different outcomes for situations. Murphy was given the chance, at the beginning of her career to work at Gandara Center. Gandara Center provides residential, mental health, and substance use and preventive services for children, families, and adults of different cultural backgrounds. She worked at Gandara since 2011. Started as a clinical supervisor than was promoted to Clinical Director. She was also promoted to Program Director and climbed up the career path to Director of Quality Management then promoted to Director of Clinical Operations at Gandara since April 2018. Murphy is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Skilled in nonprofit organizations, social services, and mental health. Strong professional who offers clients the comprehensive services and resources that they require day-to day. Her advancement opportunities are just a few key reasons as to why she is an asset to a good company like Gandara Center. As a director, she is responsible for the management of clinical service across different agencies. She mentioned in interview a broad area of jobs. She reports to the executive director. She supervises the division directors and data analysts. Also, chair the Quality Management, Motivational Interviewing, and LGBTQ+ and allies committees.

Furthermore, oversees implementation and utilization of evidence-based practice, outcomes, staff and client satisfaction, and EHR backend reporting. She runs a supervision group weekly. Facilitates the Licensure and Internship initiatives. Murphy states, my education lends itself well to the work I do. Personally, being around her, it is not hard to notice her warm spirit and that human services is her calling. She is caring, honest, teaches her students well, and is a great listener. Those qualities are needed to work to better others. She then mentions another career path which she enjoys, and that is being an adjunct professor and assistant director of field work in the social work department of Elms College. She provides vision and leadership in different work settings. During the interview she said, I enjoy all aspects of my work. It doesn't bother her where she travels to for assignments during work, what matters is to able to make positive results wherever she goes. She also mentions that she enjoys being in a class of students. To give insist and teach others is very rewarding. And she enjoys the interaction with her social work students at Elms College. Working with children or young adults is something that she is passionate. She said, it is wonderful working with students. There were no frustrations that would ever change her mind to go to a different career path. She did not express any regrets by practicing in this setting. Sure, everyone has better days, but it simply doesn't mean to give up. Murphy said, the good part about being a social worker is the many field options that you can work in, when you feel like changing your environment, you're able to do so. There will be challenging groups or individuals to work with. With time and experience, one will learn to deal with situations appropriately. It takes patients, compassion, and empathy to work with individuals but never give up on them because failure is not an option. And that is what a social work does, empathize with others. Plans for Murphy's future were not discussed in detail, as stated above she is a student working on her PhD in social work. She received a field supervisor award for excellence in her company and that is just one of many accomplishments that she has been acknowledged for. Observing Murphy practicing specific social work values wasn't hard. Noticed from the moment I sat down and spoke her ethical and moral values.

The integrity and attitude towards humanity were expressed in her conversation. She had good moral values and ethics. To have respect and show empathy for the needs of others were traits that she possessed. She maintained firm boundaries and clear communication. Felt good not being judged or spoken down to. Sometimes people of hire authority treat others poorly and she does not. She instantly noticed my shy demeanor and made me comfortable for the interview process. Is always very polite and caring to myself and her peers. To her all human beings, had the same basic psychological and physical needs. It is no wonder why she practices in a field where human needs are a priority. Cultural competence is an important part of social work in understanding where the client is at and helping them meet their goals. Listening skills, being able to listen without prejudice is important. Putting one's own beliefs asides and not try to change someone else's. Attention to detail and a good observer. As a social worker being able to notice and right down every detail you witness can be helpful for future reference. Respect and commitment towards the help an individual in need. Self-awareness, to understand others and how they might perceive you. Time management, being able to think quickly and work fast to deescalate problems. Great organizational skills because a social worker has important paperwork that needs to be done. Strong verbal and written skills. Persuasive speech to get the attention of individuals Lastly, having patience always. Social workers deal with individuals that are struggling and can take it out on them.

A social worker like Murphy stays calm and thinks of strategies and remains calm because not having patients can make problems worse. All these skills play a crucial role in the career of a successful Social Worker. Social workers like Murphy demonstrate leadership in promoting change in their place of employment by using qualities and skills obtained over the years. Murphy used to utilize a social work approach that is strengths based in all her work. To being with, she enjoys research and data collection and takes information gathered to make informed decisions. One example would be utilizing motivational interviewing as an agency wide approach. MI can be used by all types of staff and can be used to work with clients, staff, and during supervision. As a leader, you need to be able to make informed choices and communicate everything. Her numerous positions in the field demonstrate that she has worked and is still working on building better solutions to help different individuals. Overall, learned different aspects about social work that will help me in my future goal of being a social worker. Learned that not everyone is fit to work in the social work field. It takes special people with a kind heart and who are compassionate to help others. People who are heartless and have negative views on life should not be a social worker. Individuals who live to judge others and who think they are better than others should not be a part of human services. It takes a lot of hard work and time to help individuals who don't care about life. It's difficult to come into a job site and see traumatic situations. It is not an easy job to deal with an individual and maybe have family members disagree with what goals you chose for that person. It is a dangerous field to work for but then again, no job is safe.

To be a social worker is to be able to present yourself in the most professional and knowledgeable manner, a question about what it is like to be in social work can be different by the different experiences that each face in the broad field. The challenges and rewards of social work should be a priority. Some cases will be great learning experiences and memorable, and others will be devastating. You will learn to work in different settings and learn to like or dislike and that will be okay. A social worker can deal with battered women while another works best with troubled teens. Eventually, everyone finds what fits there wants and needs and being able to pick a profession where you can help others is wonderful. Social workers should be able to complete a task daily whether good or bad. It seems like it would be a great reward to see even the smallest positive change when working with a family or community. But challenges could be the exact opposite, working endlessly to advocate for change and not seeing, or being disappointed with the result. In the fieldwork seems like the reward of being part of any small positive changes are all successes and with this, I know doing what is right can be a great accomplish in social work practice.

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