Social Work Mission Statement

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Society as a whole, the society which comprises of individuals, families and groups is the concern or focus of social workers to enhance societal wellbeing in terms of health care, social relations, community services, social roles and responsibilities. The people that carry out social work are called social workers having the major responsibility of assessing situations, proposing solutions and implementing the right solutions. The work is usually in two ways, one of which can be an individual engaging in social work as a job and having clients for his service while the other is the large scale type in which social workers work for large communities to achieve their goal and objectives of a better and healthy society for human beings.

Me as someone who wants to pursue social work as a profession is not an after thoughts, it has been my desire since childhood to always help people. Growing up and getting out every day to see a lot of people most especially children on the streets with nothing to eat and no one to care for them, I cannot be blind pretending not to see their needs. As an individual I always wanted to help others with any means and helping others is a fire that keeps on burning in me, it has always been my desires. When it was time for me to choose a carrier I had no choice than to choose social work as a carrier. I came across social workers almost every day and I am always inspired by what they do, most especially those involved in public health and safety. The way social work professionals involved in public health and safety amazes me a lot, seeing people who are one minded coming into communities and treating people, testing them of various diseases and sicknesses, giving them drugs to use, giving health advice, given lenses to those that have eyes problems, giving working sticks and wheel chairs to those who are disabled and many more things they do has been a source of motivation, inspiration and what drives me to choose a carrier in the field of social work. Sometime when there is one disaster or the other in a country or community, the way social works effectively to ensure the safety of people by even risking their own life to save the lives of people in calamity always amazes me when I watch them on television, I also have a brother in my street who is a social worker and will always post all his daily activities at work on his social media pages most times I feel like I am getting jealous of him, I just want to be part of this great profession that is dedicated to changing people's life and helping people to live a better and healthy life.

Advocating for others

In the cause of my experience, I have been able to recognize inequalities in the society. Certain things or necessities that should be shared equally by people are not been shared equally, there is bias in the way things or resources are been distributed. Getting to know the roles of government to the people from my childhood, some things borders still borders me. The government is meant to provide basic amenities and social infrastructures to every community their power covers but one thing I noticed is that certain communities are always been preferred than others in terms of housing, transportation, pipeline water, community health services, educational facilities, employment and many other things needed for the realization of social wellbeing of people. These communities who are one the good side of receiving governments benefits are usually those in the town and city centers while those at the suburbs and rural areas are always been neglected. It is of major important to know that the contribution of the rural community to the development of the city cannot not undermined, the rural communities are the one feeding the population in towns and cities, and they are also part of government responsibilities for better and healthy lives. They deserve good lives, good transportation network, good educational system, good health care services, good sanitary and sewage systems, and good drinking water. These people are usually underrepresented and this calls for the need of someone or set of people to advocate for them. A graduate degree in social work can help me to eliminate the barriers often faced by underrepresented populations, having a professional backup to gives me the right to practice the profession, I can easily plead their cause in the ears of the government for them to be favoured. The degree will help me to be an intercessor between the people and the government, hearing the complains of the people and taking them to the ears of the government for necessary solution. Also, the degree will help me to solicit for corporate social responsibilities of companies and organizations who failed to give back to the community they are getting wealth from. The only thing that can help me to succeed and break every barriers is to have the degree, because without the degree which certifies me as a professional social worker, my request would not be honored and granted, it will just be like a waste of time and effort. The degree is the only thing that will equip me with both theoretical and practical knowledge of carrying out the social work profession effectively.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Diana R. Garland School of social work solely outlines their dedication to producing alumni who are influencing the social welfare of people, families, and communities through service and leadership by integrating faith. This means the school integrates the way of practicing social work with Christianity, showing love people and helping them which is a perfect example of a true Christian. The aim of the school is to produce alumni who will be committed to this mission and ensure the realization of the mission. Since alumni are people are have already gone through the process of learning at Diana R. Garland School of social work, and potential alumni who are still studying or yet to be admitted, the school has all the facilities and experts who will take students through their study in the school to produce alumni who will take the social work profession as a must to practice been a self-sacrifice work to help people who are in need and at the same time making the school proud, because the school will be happy when its alumni are doing well in the field they have chosen.

As a practitioner, Baylor's program will influence me to focus on improving the life for older persons and their families by providing resources and practical models for the wellbeing of older persons, their families, residential care environments, congregation and communities, focus on Christ centered international development through culturally informed transformational education, informed engagement with congregations and religiously affiliated organizations, and scholarship that allows global communities to thrive, providing preparation and leadership for trauma practice, both domestically and globally, research that uses evidence for practice and evaluates its effectiveness, to conduct congregational research, develop full time congregational staff positions and strengthen community transformation initiative in my community and engaging in ethical responsibility by increasing awareness around cultural competency and social diversity. All these are all the sectors of Baylor Social Work Initiative which defines everything that is expected of me as a practitioner and a good ambassador of Christian faith.

Societal Issue


Poverty is a major problem facing many people in today's society and it causing a lot of hindrances to progress. When people are poor, they won't be able to think of doing the right thing. Poverty is a societal issue that need to be addressed for many reasons following the words of Hussein Sow (2017,1) on 'Effects of Poverty on an Individual' , the problem of food is a major problem for the poor, food is what we eat that gives us strength and without food there won't be strength to work. Even when there is food it is of importance to know if the food is enough and healthy. Most poor people struggle with malnutrition and most are starving to death. When someone is poor, it is evident that the person will having problem with taking care of himself or family, some that cannot afford to feed himself cannot take himself to the hospital to receive adequate care and treatment, the poor cannot afford to buy drugs or to see a doctor. One of the major problem of poor people is homelessness as even people who can still afford to see themselves struggle to get good house not to talk of people who cannot afford to take care of themselves. Some even sleep under bridges and beside the road sides, in the time of cold weather and snow period many froze to death.

Delinquency is other problem associated with poor people as they don't have money to meet their need, they end up engaging in criminal acts like robbery, prostitution, drug abuse and resources vandalism. Some even engage in street begging just to meet their needs. A poor person cannot also afford good education because a good and quality education requires money and even if they find themselves in schools they don't always consecrate on what is been taught. Most of the time they cannot afford to buy notebooks and textbooks and without them, there is nothing they can read to pass examinations.

This issue of poverty deserves public action and resources because if it is not addressed properly the problem that will emanate from poor people will hinder the progress, peace and prosperity of everyone. The society has also contributed to this issue of poverty through the act of selfishness, grid and corruption on the part of people and the government as resources and public fund are not been distributed equally among the people. Social workers can address this issue by creating awareness for the masses to know the importance of helping the poor people.

For me as a social worker, I will go to governments, institutions, religious organizations and well to do people in the society to plead the cause of the poor in their ears so that they can rise up to help them and taking them as a responsibility. Personally I have help a lot of poor people by given them money and food most of the time.

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