What is Socrates being Accused Of?

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Imagine being accused of three things that you don't agree with what they are saying. In the apology Socrates was accused of multiple things and was sent to court for the trial to find out if he was guilty or not. One of the things Socrates was accused of was him corrupting the young people that followed him because of their actions. Another accusation was of him not believing in the gods of Athens. Socrates was also accused of making or inventing new gods. The court was examining evidence of all those things so that they could find whether he was guilty or not guilty. If he was found guilty a death sentence awaited him. Socrates is one of the founders of western philosophy. He was a very intelligent man who was very concerned about ethics being a good Athenian and behaving justly. Socrates has developed his reputation of being the wisest, thanks to his way of thinking and doing things. Socrates used the Socratic method to make his follower questions their beliefs and thought. Socrates simply shared his ideas and thoughts with the young student and they themselves chose their own path to follow and which kind of action to make. Based on one of his students Plato in the apology don't believe that Socrates was corrupting the minds of the youth but instead of opening them. I say this because Socrates did not in any way mislead or misguide any of his students in any way but rather showed them that there has their own mind where they can think for themselves. This method was called Socratic because he was the one who invented the term. socrates shows the students that just because a person held a higher position or was older did not mean that they were wiser or they were better them god or other people. Socrates question the youth of their daily lives on what they think is right and what they think is rough and that they should follow they own heart no matter what and to not let anyone say otherwise. Socrates does not explicitly answer whether or not he believed in the many gods of Athens but he definitely believed in at least one divinity: his inner voice. Just like how he told the student is that to follow what is in their heart and not what others tell you too. But if Socrates did believe in any god that would be in a philosophical idea of good which he sometimes referred to as the god as well as the omnibenevolent demiurge or craftsman who created the world. It almost sounds like Socrates was a Muslim but his conception of the divine was philosophical, not religious. Although this may still be considered a form of reverence by an Athenian jury it is misguided to describe Socrates as an atheist. Even though he does not speak in favor of the gods either does he move to deny spirituality or divinity? It still not proven that Socrates invented any new gods. In conclusion, Socrates was a person with a strong will who believe in doing thing rightly by following one’s heart. It shows that even if one is strong hearted doesn’t mean he is a bad person.
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