Is Socrates a Teacher?

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Is Socrates a teacher?

Did not intend to teach other, yet he in some manner he has an effect on the way people think, and in turn, act, but isn't necessarily responsible for this.
Socrates, like a teacher, would challenge people on what they believe in and what they think they know versus what they actually know about their craft.
Yes, he is a teacher, even if he doesn't claim to be (I have never been anyone's teacher [33]).

How is he not?

He isn't a teacher in the traditional manner. What we mean by this is that Plato never makes a conscious effort to get other people to understand certain things. He says what he wants to say, whether or not the people around him want to listen. He also apparently doesn't get paid. He has no incentive to teach other than his own will which is more inclined to question.

What is his stance on responsibility?

I cannot justly be held responsible for the good or bad conduct of these people, as I never promised to teach them anything and have not done so (33b)

What do you think of this stance?

He is right when he says he is not responsible because did not teach anyone anything as he stated if anyone says that he has learned anything from me, or that he heard anything privately they the others did not hear, be assured that he is not telling the truth. (33b)
In addition, he cannot be held directly responsible for people's actions. This is especially true if he claims to be lacking power.

Why do people follow him?

People followed Socrates because he was doing something that no one else was doing. He was questioning the most notable people in Athens. In doing this, he is encouraging free thinking and inspiring his ?followers' to question authority and ideals that are previously claimed.
The Oracle also claimed that he was the wisest man in Athens.

Socrates claims that he isn't a teacher, so he doesn't include in his argument that people follow him, as this would contradict what he is contending.

Has he corrupted them?

Socrates did not corrupt others because he wasn't forcing people to listen to him and if they didn't at least somewhat agree with what he was speaking about they wouldn't have listened at all. He was simply speaking his mind and people decided to listen and follow his teachings.

I think the court uses Socrates as a scapegoat for free thought. His diversity of opinion + beliefs could not solely corrupt an individual into thinking, in the same manner, there has to be some sort of action on the individuals part to consider and adopt another person's beliefs or manners.

(10) 35d-36a: Socrates claims that Meletus and Anytus have attempted to unjustly execute him (30d), but says that he is not angry. Shouldn't injustice anger anyone, especially Socrates, who has spent his life on a godly mission for wisdom, and necessarily, justice? Why or why not?

Socrates argues that death is a blessing

Socrates knows that anger won't change the matter of the situation; one thing he can control is his emotions and his response. He addresses the matter and controls what he can in the situation with ease and poise. Although I do think it would be totally appropriate for Socrates to express anger it just fits his character more for him not to be. Plus he also believes that there is no way in which anybody could harm him. For example, Socrates says, neither Meletus nor Anytus can harm me in any way; he could not harm me, for I do not think it is permitted that a better man be harmed by a worse; certainly he might kill me, or perhaps banish or disenfranchise me, which maybe he and others think to be great harm, but I do not think so. (30 d)

Socrates views on death are that no good man should take into account the risk of life or death. He should look only into his actions and as to whether his actions are right or wrong.

He doesn't seem to be angered because he knows deep down that he is right, which makes him innocent of what he is being accused of (in his opinion). It almost seems that Socrates' ego is diluting any rage he may have felt.

Socrates does not try to get acquitted because it would hurt his reputation saying whether I am brave in the face of death is another matter, but with regard to my reputation and yours and that of the whole city, it does not seem right to me to do these things, especially at my age and with my reputation. (e 35)

However, people becoming angered depends on the scenario of injustice

It seems like he isn't angry because he thinks that a god put him in the city for a reason and that in killing him the city would lose something/someone valuable and wouldn't find someone as like him. He thinks he is God's gift to the city
His acceptance towards his unjustly trial is due to a sense of political obligation owed to the state, as Socrates accepts the legitimacy of the legal procedures taken against him.

Socrates agrees that obeying the laws of the state reflects an inherent obligation of himself.
As a citizen of Athens, an individual basically agrees to support its government along with its justice systems.
Socrates believes that if he keeps his cool despite the serious punishment he is being given, he ultimately has power over authority. If he reacted in an angry way, it would only fuel Meletus and Anytus more.

Something that I remember vividly reading is when Socrates says No one really knows what death is or what happens. It might be like a dream. That being said, I think that he may be at peace with the situation because he is Corrupting the young and not believing in the gods in whom the city believes, but in other new divinities. He has done his job and if the council truly believes that he should be held accountable for this, he accepts it. He knows deep down that what he did was for the greater good.

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