I was Accused of Witchcraft

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How dare these girls! Who are they to accuse me of such a sin as witchcraft? I moved to Salem forty years ago and have dedicated myself to this congregation ever since. I have lived the way God would have wanted me to and this is what I get in return? It must be a mistake. There is no way they could have seen me in any vision. The only way that could be, is if I were a witch and I am not. These girls are just stirring up some ruckus. Surely, this trial will prove my innocence when I am found not guilty by the jury. Then, my life can resume back to normal.

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“I was Accused of Witchcraft”

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The day has come for my trial. I will not plead guilty because I know I am no witch! I figured this trial would move fast because they have no spectral evidence against me, how could they? The trial was going well. At first, the jury found me not guilty of witchcraft. My freedom was close enough for me to get a whiff of, until those wretched girls came screaming to the jury to reconsider. I knew I was innocent, but I had to stand there as if I was not. They began asking me more questions, but my hearing was so bad that I could not understand them. I had trouble answering them which caused the jury to change their verdict to guilty. I found this outrageous. I am seventy-nine years old. Why would I have any reason to commit such a sin at this age. I would never hurt a fly! They put me in the cellars, where I am waiting to be hanged. I pray to God about this misunderstanding and that he will save me, but I fear my faith in him is fading. All my life, I served him. I went to church more than anyone else and raised my children right. Yet, I am sitting here in jail. I do not deserve this punishment. I am innocent!

Today is my last day before I am set to be hanged. I feel saddened, but I will not dare cry a tear in front of the congregation. I will stay strong for myself and for my family. The congregation may believe me to be guilty; however, I know I am innocent in the name of the Lord. Tonight will be tough. They will try to make me confess to that wicked sin. There is a chance that they will not hang me if I do confess, but no matter what, I will not! I will enjoy my last few hours of this life. I truly hope that in my time of dying, the congregation will realize what they have done. I am sure not everyone believes me to be a witch. Many people spoke highly of me to the jury. Someone must know this is wrong. I know my death cannot be stopped, but I hope that it will help end these dreadful witch trials.

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