What is Math for You?

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Math is no easy subject and is known as one of the most complex areas of study. There are over hundreds of complicated equations and rules, making it almost impossible to understand all aspects of math in the world. In the movie “Mathematics is the queen of the universe”, math is explored and the viewers begin to question how math is everywhere and involved in everything in our world. From the information given from this video, I think math is something that existed before we were here, as shown through multiple examples of mathematics in nature and the abundance of math in sciences, such as physics that describe the basic principles of our everyday lives.

Though sometimes we do not always realize, mathematics significantly makes up a huge part of the world and our lives. From flora to space expeditions, math is all around us. For example, Fibonacci numbers exist in many different aspects of the world. Fibonacci numbers are a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two numbers that came before, which is present in art, nature, and music. An example of this in our world would be the number of petals on a flower. Daisies often represent Fibonacci numbers as well as pinecones with the number of spirals it has. These plants didn’t randomly decide to use this series of numbers when they were created. This is a testimony to the fact that plants and nature existed before mathematicians did and before they were able to develop this idea. Animals, like lemurs, have also demonstrated behaviors in which they were able to recognize and distinguish quantities in math. Since animals like lemurs do not learn math the same way humans do, it forces us to wonder if these creatures were born with this mathematical ability or not and if they have strengthen this ability over time. I believe that these creatures were born with this ability as we all were, but we strengthen and improve the mathematics present inside us over time. When the engineer said, 'As engineers we don't get paid to get things right, we get paid to do things just right enough,'' I believe that he was saying that they use math that is already developed to solve modern-day problems. This relates to the idea that math does not need to be constantly reinvented and reimagined, but it can be increased and added on to. It also says that using ideas that have been established already is how we are able to solve the issues we face in our daily lives.

In conclusion, math surrounds humans and is everywhere in the world, even if we don’t realize it sometimes. The most basic ideas and principles can be traced back to math and we didn’t even know until it was found. Math is everywhere, it is when you take the time to look for it and use it is when we truly see it. I believe math exists everywhere in the universe, but it is up to us humans to look for it, develop, and improve it. Through this we can advance math and look for a bright future with math. Math is a complicated, sometimes confusing language of numbers, equations, and rules that will continue to be a significant and essential part of our world and our education for years to come.  

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