Reading and Writing Mixed with Math 

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Would you want your kid to be hyper at home because they had no gym? Kids will be miserable if they don’t have exercise and they don’t get a break from class. Also at the same time, some kids would be sorta gleeful because their grades are gradually rising. Gym should not be replaced with reading and math because PE helps with exercise and fitness, kids already do better on assignments with exercise, and PE makes kids feel like they did something.

PE is a very important class for our exercise and fitness. The gym is a very important class for young kids(bwm5433). It helps them stay at a reasonable weight limit. Gym not only gets kids fit, but it also teaches the importance of being fit and healthy. So the kids’ don’t get chubby(fat) and think its a good thing. Also so they don’t brag about. Gym class is also a very important class for kids/teenagers because it helps kids with obesity and fitness. This sorta goes along with the first point it will help kids stay slim and lean.

Kids do better on tests/assignments already when they’re in gym class. This means they don’t need to replace gym class with basically a study hall. Dutch researchers found that Elementary kids already do better on reading and math with exercise and physical activity. That means if they just exercise a bit longer they can do the same on an assignment as if they replaced the gym. Scientists say increasing physical activity will raise test scores even more. So that means all teachers gotta do is raise the time that the gym periods last and teat scores might skyrocket. Children need to focus on something and release stress with hands-on activity right before a test/quiz. Some kids have 80HD so they can’t concentrate on thins for longer or 15 seconds o the need to be doing something they like and then they concentrate.

Gym makes people feel like they did something. A lot of kids like to participate in PE and you feel safe and comfortable. Kids shouldn’t feel scared to participate because gym class is just for fun. Also, you may not realize it our burning more calories than you think. If you're in PE you are usually doing some sort of activity you are good at and feel good at. So if you’re good at it you don’t get yelled at by your team, plus, you could help people on your team so your team doesn’t argue while the other team is distracted because they’re arguing. PE doesn’t only teach you the importance of being fit and how to be fit but it also teaches you life long skills. For instance one day you could be skipping like a girl and do the guy version which is galloping vice versa.

Test scores will raise if you replace the gym. If people replace gym class people will have more time to study. Butt gym helps with test scores students with higher levels of physical fitness tend to have higher academic performance.

Gym shouldn’t be replaced with reading and writing because kids already do better on assignments with exercise, and PE makes kids feel like they did something. Gym already helps kids with test scores so schools shouldn't replace something kids like. Check this Link 62% of kids say gym mixed with reading and writing is a terrible idea.

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