Essay ‘Importance of Mathematics in the Modern World’

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Mathematics has been around for as long as people could count intuitively. Math has helped humans create a society full of certainties about our world and even other worlds. Mathematics has allowed us to create a flawless education system, which allows for better medicine, science, technological developments, and agricultural fields. Which in return is better for our economy and lives. Mathematics is at the basis of all successful societies.

In our society we must rely on an education system to educate our children, that is why mathematics is one of the core classes being taught in all schools around the world. We are taught math from the beginning till the point of graduation. We rely on mathematics to strengthen our children’s minds to be a contributor to society. Math is taught in Chemistry, Physics, Programming, Statistics, etc. Almost every profession requires knowledge of some sort of math. Drivers, Cashiers, Mechanics, Cooks, Librarians, Dentists, Artists, etc.

Knowledge of mathematics in the medicine field is crucial to the people’s wellbeing. It is important for Doctors especially because they are constantly prescribing medication to patients. Doctors should have a certain degree of knowledge of mathematics to prescribe accurate amounts of dosage of specific medication. Along with dosage, Doctor must also take in consideration of the period of time a patient might need to take their medication. If a patient is taking a pill that’s 200 milligrams in the morning, then wakes up the next morning say 60 percent has washed out. This means the patients still has 80 milligrams of medicine in their system because only 120 of the 200 milligrams has been cleared from the system. As time goes on, the Doctor might start to lower the dosage, then complete take the patient off the medication because the medicine might begin to damage the body or cause an overdose. Mathematics in the medicine field is very serious because it’s a matter of life or death. The less accurate a Doctor is the more dangerous or fatal it could be for patients.

Scientists must rely on mathematics as much as they rely on scientific evidence, which is usually based on mathematics. Although, Scientists may work with evidence from the world rather than applied mathematics. Scientists still use many equations that relate to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Usually, mathematicians make discoveries based on real world evidence, then try to prove what they’ve experienced using applied mathematics. Scientists later then use these equations to further calculate problems based on the world. Isaac Newton, a famous mathematician discovered the law of gravitational force, today many Scientists and Physicists continue to use his laws in the field.

The continuation of technology advancements cannot exist without mathematics.

Mathematics is being used by engineers who design and build machines that aid in technological advancements. Engineers need to be able to program machines with the least amount of errors. The way they program is by using traditional mathematical analysis.

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