Advantages of Serving Obligatory Community Service by American Students

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Forty Hours of Community Service

As a teenager there are many expectations put on us like: getting good grades, helping out at home, and keeping out of trouble. The one thing I don’t mind doing is the forty hours of community service. Everyone has heard about the forty hours of community service that must be completed before graduation. Most people dread it but if you put it into perspective it’s more than helpful. The forty hours of community service should be enforced for the following reasons: you can help your community, you can learn important work skills, and you will become social through new connections.

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“Advantages of Serving Obligatory Community Service by American Students”

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Community service is an easy way to get involved and be active in your community. First, students have a great opportunity to contribute to their community and feel proud of about the positive changes. For example, park and neighborhood clean-up projects, church fundraisers, and running children’s activities. Doing community hours also helps a student get in touch and get to know their neighbors, especially the elderly who enjoy the company. Getting involved in your community is an easy way to get hours.

During the forty hours of community service students learn many work skills, that will benefit them for future employment. Student’s skills are very valuable to employers, they have to work through and learn how to problem solve. There are many skills such as: interacting with people, time management, teamwork, work quality, following directions, and listening to the boss. It is a chance for young people to experience what the work world is like and things they need to know if interested in working in that field. Taking part in the 40 hours of community services, builds confidence and responsibility; these fundamentals will be important in future jobs and careers. As students work in a real life setting, they can use volunteering projects to explore and improve upon existing skills. Students can explore potential careers and find out what they need to develop in order to work in the field.

One of the greatest benefits that students participating in community services achieve are the opportunity to make connections and relationships within the community. You will develop your social skills, because you are meeting people with common interest and goals. Those students who may be more shy will gain the confidence to express their thoughts and talents. Others will be able to practice and show leadership skills to employers. Community service opens students up to networking opportunities, allowing them to build new relationships within their community as they contribute. Students can meet new people, work in new places, and makes ties to the community. Students be able to build their resume and have more people who can write letters of recommendation. Being social is a huge part of the forty hours.

The forty hours of community service are very essential because they support your community, you learn important work skills and create wonderful friendships. Community is where you live and if you can improve it with community service, then it’s a winwin. Work skills are huge when you start looking for a job, it’s the first thing employers look at. Having the forty hours of community service as part of the requirement for high school, it gives young people a great opportunity to prepare for future jobs while being positive leaders in the community. Becoming social is a great part of community service, because who doesn’t love having friends and talking to people. Overall the forty hours of community are more than needed.

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