What Goes Around Comes Around

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“What goes around comes around” (PRAISE OF THE PROVERB/ AUTHOR): The proverb “What goes around comes around”, also known as karma has a powerful effect on the human race. Whatever you say, good or bad will eventually come back to you in a a positive or negative way in the future. This proverb has been around for centuries before our parents, their parents, and our great, great grandparents where ever even know. This saying has become popular because many of the wise live by these words and truly understand the power that our actions have on our future. PARAPHARSE AND EXPLANANTION): We can’t help but think the way we do sometimes but, the way we act towards a situation we have a certain type of control over. Depending if we act in a positive or negative way from our thoughts if our future is good or bad. (PROOF): Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you do something that you shouldn’t be doing its going to come back to you. People usually understand the proverb because they at one time or another have experienced the consequences of their actions as karma. EXAMPLE): An example of “What goes around comes around” in a positive way . Such as when others help is needed. There once was an old lady who went on vacation and got a flat tire. It was dark and cold, suddenly a guy in torn, dirty clothes came to her aid. He changed the tire that got flat. She offered to pay him any amount of money he wanted for coming to her rescue. He declined her offer and simply said what you can do for me in exchange is do good for others and help them like I’ve helped you, smile and think for me. She stops at a cafe almost home from her vacation.

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“What Goes Around Comes Around”

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She sees that her waitress is pregnant she lives her what’s left of a hundred dollar in addition to four more hundred dollars as her tip. Later that night the waitress goes home in bed with her husband who just happens to be the same gentleman that’s helped the lady with the flat tire. (TESTIMONY): Nowadays there a many sayings and quotes based on the truths of this proverb. Such as in Newton’s law, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” or as the Europeans use to say, “If you dig a pit for someone you’ll fall in yourself”, both explaining the same meaning of “what goes around comes around”. EPILOGUE): Now that we know all about making are conscious aware of our actions and the consequences that will happen from the choices that we make we should help those in need with a positive attitude and outlook. Audience: Those who do good for others and those who are selfish. Argument: “What goes around comes around” relates to all three types of argument but the main argument in my proverb is the ethical approach. Do you think that this is right or not. Evidence: When people experience the consequences of their good or bad actions in the future.

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