Lady Macbeth Character Analysis

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What Crimes does Lady Macbeth Commit?

As a startling and illustrious female character in Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, there are numerous crimes that Lady Macbeth committed. There are significant sins that the play has extensively aligned with Lady Macbeth including Envy, pride, greed, murder and wrath, lust, sloth, and greed. Lady Macbeth’s desire for power is seen when an insatiable thirst for the thrown develops (Uddin and Sultan, 2017). She subsequently began contemplating of how she could have it. For gluttonous, Lady Macbeth is a gluttonous-in-wealth character (Uddin and Sultan, 2017). She has an overindulgence in wealth and pursuits to acquire more wealth. Moreover, despite Macbeth being crowned as the Thane of Cawdor, Lady Macbeth was greedy to the extent of augmenting his husband’s pursuit of acquiring the King’s crown (Smith, 2016). Lastly, Smith (2016) states that as a result of Lady Macbeth’s pride, she thought that only her husband who should be king and this pride pushed his husband towards his pursuit of becoming a king.

What is her punishment?

Lady Macbeth is portrayed by the play as an evil person who influences her husband’s decisions and diversion of her husband’s roles. She is therefore punished for her crimes (Smith, 2016). First, she faces guilt having, becomes insane and eventually kills herself. This was her punishment in totality. Lady Macbeth has a psychological disorder that makes her lack rest. In this state, she sleepwalks and recalls all the murderous events that she influenced. Additionally, Lady Macbeth suffers from great emotional pressures, and her speech also is not comprehensible as it lacks logical connections.

Does she deserve her fate?

Lady Macbeth deserved death as her fate. Although she later realized her wrongdoings, the same sins later tormented her and made her understand that whatever she had caused could never be undone, for instance bringing the dead to life. Lady Macbeth’s death suffering was also deserved as a lesson on consequences of cruelty and greed (Uddin and Sultan, 2017). The play demonstrates Lady Macbeth as a controlling, complex and greedy woman, who as a result plans the death of King Duncan. This later causes her psychological problems such as depression and guilt. This shows that the suffering made her regret some of her earlier actions supporting the reasons why she deserved suffering. Moreover, Smith (2016) adds that since Lady Macbeth well knew of her sin’s consequences and her greed stormed up in her, she was heartless, and her suffering was well deserved. Lastly, since Lady Macbeth is a heartless monster with so many flaws, suffering was the only way that Shakespeare could have used in making her understand the difference between good and evil as well as consequences of our actions.

What is the implied claim about the effects of guilt and consciousness giving evidence from the play?

Shakespeare extensively developed the themes of consciousness and guilt throughout the play. The two main characters that were creatively used to disseminate the two themes are Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. Consciousness is the aspect that differentiates between good and evil, on the other hand, guilt is the psychological that is experienced when morals are violated. Macbeth is demonstrated as a loyal and valiant character as the play begun. However, his character gradually changes to worse as he pursued to for the King’s crown. Consciousness is first displayed when Macbeth kills King Duncan (Smith, 2016). The subsequent effect is that his character in the play is weakened. Similarly, Uddin and Sultan (2017) explains that the guilty and consciousness of Lay Macbeth eat her determination and strength away to the extent that she eventually kills herself. The effects of guilt and consciousness in the play had the enormous impact on the character’s direction such as death.

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