Macbeth and her Role

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Racist and sexist acts were always around and ongoing during Queen Elizabeth I time. Even knowing this, Shakespeare made Macbeth and granted the women involved power. All of the women in Macbeth which were the Witches and Lady Macbeth made a big change in the outcome of the play. This is shown when they all together made Macbeth into a new person and made him turn to the dark side throughout the story.

Through the play, Shakespeare introduces Lady Macbeth Who begins to play a key role in the play. Even though people may begin to think that McBeth controls his own life and does what he wants the mastermind behind the plans is lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth manifests the witches’ evilness. When Macbeth hears the witches’ prophecy he lets events go on. He says that he wants to let the “chance” happen rather than him to take action on the situation. Lady Macbeth demands that Macbeth fight the Witches. Lady Macbeth gives an idea to Macbeth to tell him to play the innocent card “look like the innocent flower”. Moving on in the play, Macbeth has a problem and didn’t want to go further by saying “proceed no further in this business” to what Lady Macbeth slapped back with that he was a coward for trying to back out and not face the problems ahead of himself. By Lady Macbeth saying this, I guess this aggravated Macbeth and got him going to the point where he committed treason. He would never ever, have done this if it wasn’t for Lady Macbeth. This shows the impact that she has on him and the play as a whole. Lady Macbeth’s role in the play is to not only be beside Macbeth but it is to change the way Macbeth acts and what he does so she can succeed on her own for personal growth.

In conclusion, the females in the play all make an impact on the outcome. Lady Macbeths transforms Macbeth. This transformation makes Macbeth do stupid things and make mistakes for Lady Macbeth to succeed in her goal. I would say that she was necessary because she gives an interesting side to the play and you can never really know what’s going to be coming next or around the corner. Lady Macbeth even makes Macbeth commit treason because she talks to him about how his actions are coward ones and need to be more powerful.  

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