Vitellius Started the Civil War

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In this picture, it was taken at the Western end at the Roman Forum.

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“Vitellius Started the Civil War”

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Ancient Roman started in the Italian Peninsula during the 8th century. Rome was ruled by the czar named Romulus. Legend says that he had a twin brother named Remus and they were separated at birth. They also say that when they were older, Romulus fought his brother, Remus and killed him to become the next czar! Since Rome was a very war prone area, the life expectancy was about 20-30 years of age. Even though n roman history they teach that rome almost ruled the whole world, they only came close to about 12%. Later on the line Romulus died and the next few successors to his throne were Augustus Caesar, Tiberius, and Nero. in this era, a lot of the time there was always war. In this time there was also a lot of emperors, one of their names were called Vitellius.

He was also a general in the war and was kind of crazy about it too. Vitellius was upset about one of the rulers named Otho. Otho became ruler after one was assasinated, and the other commited suicide. Since Vitellius was upset about this, and he was the general of the army, he decided to start a civil war and overthrow that ruler. He was successful in his doing. A few days into his ruling, he was pronounced unfit for the throne so he was kicked and a man by the name Vespasian took his place. Vitellius was murdered by Vespasian’s men. Vespasian was one of the longest to rule, then he died but his son Titu took over and all of Vespasian’s projects. One of the projects that Titus was most proud of to finish was the Flavian Amphitheater. During the reign of

Titus, the volcano erupted and buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Titus sadly died of a fever so his brother Domitian succeeded him and continued on. As did his brother, Domitian continued what his brother had started on to help better the roman civilians. Domitian built back up the wall from when it was burnt down from the massive fire they had experienced and many other things.

The fire caused great devastation and sadness form the people. Later on, Domitian and greatly improved the lands economy which is one of the things he is greatly known for today. Even though he had fixed the economy, he was widely hated. So he was assassinated in 93 B.C. The next five emporers were considered the best emporers to live. The first was named Nerva. Then Trajan, Hadrian, Antonmiuns, and Marcus. 

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