The American Civil War Changed the Nature

In 1326 A.D in Europe the first spa was introduced, it had iron-rich waters of a spring near Liege. In 1660 King Charles the second restored the monarchy after years of Puritan rule. King Charles spent a long history of his time at a popular resorts in Bath, Tunbridge Wells and Harrogate. Spas become popular because of “in” places with masses of classy people. One of the factors leading the success of spas was the support from doctors. Doctors thought spas would help people’s health. Drinking salt water from Tunbridge Wells was a way to cure number of different diseases. There were different forms of entertainment at a resort like concerts and grand parade.In the seventeenth century nobody traveled for pleasure because during that time there were poor people that had no time to travel and didn’t have that much money. During that time as well they had poor transportation to places. In the seventeenth century resorts had public baths, hotels and bathrooms. On the coast of North Africa to Greece and Turkey they had Roman baths, Men + women, separated then integrated.In 1722 Yellow Springs and Bath Spring, Pennsylvania were discovered. In the early 1800’s Switzerland was known as a summer resort. Skating was already a favorite activity for the visitors to enjoy. Along the way guests were introduced to skiing and tobogganing. In Newport in 1851 a tailor named Alfred Smith bought 140 arcs of farmland that was adjacent to Ocean House.

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“The American Civil War Changed the Nature”

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The earliest resorts in the US were built in the East. In the 18th century resorts soon opened in Virginia, New York and West Virginia. In 1829 the Tremont Hotel in Boston include a different number of amenities. For example, elegant marble, carved walnut furniture, pitcher and bowl, bellboys to handle guest luggage and French cuisine. The American Civil War changed the nature of many Eastern resorts. The resort turned to gambling and drew some interesting and some notorious characters to the scene. Resorts started offering more amenities and services throughout the centuries. The railroad lines provided more transportation to the resort. Having access to transportation made it easier to get to a resort. America’s first resort city was Atlantic City which was build in the late 1800s. It built the first boardwalk to accommodate those who are looking for health benefits, sunshine and fresh air.Today buses bring day gambler from New York and other metropolitan areas to the resorts. 

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