Van Gogh’s Painting

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Miro's painting shows a crop field with different types of plants growing from the dirt. When you look towards the middle of the painting there are more crops but it separated by different colors and designs. In the back there is what looks like a jungle or forest filled with trees until they reach the mountains. At the top of the painting the dull sky sits on the mountains. As for Van Gogh's painting, depicts a field with two taller trees on the right-hand side. Next to them you can see small shrubs and bushes bundled together throughout the wheat field. There is a sunny sky above the mountains in the background.

Miro is experienced with landscape and nature paintings. To inspire this painting, he used his poetic imagination. It was said that he had a "limited palette" he used but the colors work well together. The farm represents where he used to spend his summers with his parents. In Van Gogh's painting he said that wheat fields represented the "cycle of humanity." He uses his connection with earth and nature and symbolism to express his art. According to Van Gogh, the sun symbolizes the divine and extreme heat, and the contrast of the earth and sky may represent the real and imagination.

As a child, Joan Miro spent most of his summers at his parent's farm. He used to work and show his appreciation for the Montroig village and landscapes by painting almost 40 pictures in 9 years, 1914-1922. Romanesque churches and folk art were his influencers since they were in relation to his religion. Around 1889 Van Gogh was in the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole mental asylum in France when he painted Wheat Field with Cypresses because of his repeated breakdowns. After a couple months in the asylum, he explored the countryside and wheat fields within the vicinity. Even under hese conditions and what he was going through at the time Van Gogh believed this was one of his best paintings.

Miros painting is realistic leaning more towards abstract style. He uses representational style that you can see in the crops and plants. You can also use the term idealized style because the roots of the plants are drawn almost perfect. Miro can be grouped in the surrealism movement style. Van Gogh uses a realistic style but with a touch of his individual style as well. It can also be representational style since he draws real thing like grass and trees. The movement style is impressionism which is mostly Western and French art and between 1886-1905.

. "Vines and olive Trees, Tarragona" is an oil painting. Miro uses dark oranges, greens, pink and purples for the crop field. He uses dull and dismal colors for the sky like greys and light blue and purple. The field looks vibrant and lively while the sky is the opposite by being very subtle, which is a creative touch. Like Miros painting, "Wheat Field with Cypresses", by Van Gogh, is also an oil painting. For the sky he used cool colors like shades of blue, teal, and white and for the trees and field he used more yellows and greens. It was said that a technique of Van Gogh's was that he didn't pay much attention to consistency which was a nice touch.

Miro used atmospheric perspective in the background to display the mountains and how they look like they're fading as well as the trees getting smaller and smaller. It is also a 2-D surface or plane. Miro uses real lines, mostly in the middle of the field, that look very jagged and sharp. Unlike Van Gogh, Miro uses more geometric shapes and patterns like triangles and rectangles. Van Gogh's painting is a flat surface (plane) which uses nice proportion. Drawn in the trees and near the grass area there are small amounts of lines that he used. Like Miro, to show some depth, Van Gogh uses atmospheric perspective. He also does a nice job creating texture and imagery to make it seem like you can feel objects in the painting.

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