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The painting you see above is "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh created in June 1889. When he created the painting it was actually an observation he told his brother before morning. And I quote Vincent van Gogh himself "This morning I saw the country from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big," he wrote to his brother Theo from France. It was based on imagination and memory, The Starry Night embodies a subjective expression of van Gogh's vision of nature. He used a technique of thick sweeping brush strokes and a flamelike cypress that unities the churning sky and the village below. In the painting we can see its in a little village somewhere in the mountains. The sky is a dark blue color signifying it is night its was quiet peaceful night as well as as seeing the village seems to be going to sleep. As well as the swirling clouds and the bright crescent shaped moon and the shining stars as well. There is a cypress tree on the left side of the painting indicating nature. As well as the mountains and the village in the hills being in the country.

The artwork really gives an eye catching quality cause of its imitation of a village. As well as the color scheme of the sky really shows the starry night sky and the details of how bright the moon and stars are. And the balance of the colors from light to dark in every corner of the painting give off the brightness of the night sky and village as well. The dominance of blue in Starry Night is balanced by the orange of the night sky elements. Not only that but the painting really emphasizes the contrast of life and death with luminous stars and a gloomy, peaceful village.

The piece van Gogh had created really had a meaning of his own imagination after writing to his brother Theo in France. Not only that but van Gogh really had a thing for painting from imagination because he believed it would add more value to the painting. The message of this painting is indicating the nature of life and man from the cypress tree and the village and church. When looking at this piece you can feel sad from the dark blue colors and peace from the night sky and the sleeping village. As well as when van Gogh painted the Starry Night he had lived in asylum at the time when he created the painting questions of the interpretation were brought up. One account was van Gogh desire of helping the poor and his dedication to religion.

The final evaluation of this art is just amazing from the first time I had seen it I always thought something else of it until; now, I know the meaning and van Gogh's imagination that had taken place in it. The way how I am fully able to understand the subject matter just by looking at the color scheme and the other elements of are is impressive. I don't believe the painting was actually planned I think van Gogh looked out the window one night and let his imagination take over. This is a very expressionist painting it has so many meanings to it from van Gogh's desire to help the poor and dedication to religion to the nature of life and man. This painting is so well thought out that I would buy it and hang it in my house.

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