Early Renaissance Painting in France, Italy, and Flanders

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Renaissance art is painting and decorating artworks in the period termed as the renaissance period in the history of Europe. This art was growing parallel with other different sectors such as the music, literature, and philosophy. The Renaissance art of painting seemed to be similar in France and Flanders but somehow differed in Italy. The similarities, as well as the differences, were easily noted in factors such as the representation of the body and face, symbolism, materials, perspective, and composition. The spread of the artwork was taking place at a high rate. This is what led to the influence of the artwork in between Italy and Northern Europe. In the comparison of the Renaissance art, it's clear that the activity in France and Flanders was mainly characterized by much concentration on painting only but when it comes to Italy this consisted of architecture accompanied by sculpture. The use of linear perspective was commonly applied in the Italy but it was not the case in France and Flanders. Those artists from Italy were basing their work on scientific principles while in France and Flanders all that they were considering was the look of the images. In both, the artists were representing life-like figures in a three-dimensional manner. In the both regions, the artists were concentrating on the both man's ability as well as the importance of church. The Renaissance painting in northern Europe and Italy had large interactions which led to both art type impacting influences between them.  Ideas were passed from each of the two regions hence making changes on both sides of the regions. The Italian art materials were been exported to the northern Europe and hence this saw the artists from northern Europe acquiring the Italian art skills. The art of trade and commerce was also transferred from northern Europe to Italy. In conclusion, the art of Italy differed from the art practices in France and Flanders. Despite all the differences, their interactions made the emergence of changes in how the art activities were conducted in both Italy and northern Europe.

Analysis of artist biography

In order to understand the work of art in a better manner, one can choose to analyze the historical background of the artist involved. This will involve going through all the activities in which he or she was involved in. analysis of the artist biography gives all the required details of a certain artist and this will offer a basis for understanding well art work. A good illustration of understanding artwork through analysis of artist biography is the case with Julia Kristeva. As it is the case with Julia Kristeva, one among the best means to understand the artworks and what takes place in an artwork is formulating a deep study of the artist biography. This is because such kind of study will give the analyst all the information about the artist included being the type of artwork which the artist was carrying out and all the outlined fields in such kind of an art. Through this, one will have gotten the data about the specific kind of art rather than just going through many different kinds of arts as this can result in tiredness and lack of the ability to master the art in a good manner. In conclusion, to understand artwork, one has to have the determination of getting the information. This is what will push him or her to engage in the research of artist's biography and background.
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