Value Alignment

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The values of Hewitt Associates derive from the organization’s mission which is “making the world a better place to work. Hewitt’s values consist of four points which are people, excellence, collaboration and integrity. The first point people derives from Hewitt’s will to treat employee’s, clients, customers, business associates and providers with the highest respect.

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“Value Alignment”

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During my time at Hewitt I have noticed the high respect one is shown amongst my peers. In a diverse setting in which a professional level of respect may not be expected. The value of people has continued to resonate with me in and outside of my work setting. 

The organization quest for excellence is shown through it dependability to bring resolutions to clients that exhibit eminence, trustworthiness, and improvement. The employee’s attains excellence in the course of personal initiative and constant progress of skills and comprehension, along with strong support from the organization. Excellence is something that I have always personally strived for.

The will to be the best and provide the best of my ability made me a perfect employee for Hewitt Associates; however it is the idea of innovation that the organization instills that wills me to become better. Collaboration brings forth Hewitt’s personal ability to cater to clients and their associates with high quality service.

Working collectively, Hewitt believes it can influence individual thoughts and contributions to bring forth greater outcomes, assisting clients, associates, the companies firms, business associates, and the companies suppliers. 

Collaborating with other is a skill that I have gained from Hewitt. Before Hewitt I believed that you should be the best you and above and beyond the rest. I have learned It is possible to be better than everyone and it is impossible to be better than everyone collectively. I once considered myself a skilled individual I now consider myself a skilled teammate.

Hewitt has gathered integrity through its great effort to make the correct decisions, despite of the state of affairs. The employee’s at Hewitt associates are to pride themselves in signifying ethical conduct, truthfulness, and veracity in all facets of the organization. Integrity in one’s self is very important to the point where it should exude from his or hers persona. I believe that integrity is the responsibility of those who want to be the best and I want to be the best. 

Hewitt Associates values have not changed since the origin as they are etched in marble at the company’s headquarters. At Hewitt, working collectively with clients as important as the goals set to be accomplished.

The actual plans and values of UPS organizations actions plans and actions are as required to satisfy the customer and the internal stakeholders as well as the entire organization. The plans and goals of the company stated are to become a satisfied employer having a great rewards and opportunity to recognize achievement of its employee’s and outside stakeholders. The degree of alignment is measured with a positive action plan put forth to accomplish the most out going tasks of the company. Knowing that the analyzing degree of alignment of the stated values has been enforced in the company in a most honest and integrity way is the company best way of establishing the best policies to suit the company’s value system. 

The most important issues is being able to tackle the most hectic issues at hand and solving the problem becoming apart of the solution and not the problem, knowing that the problem is always making the culture of the company values a great environment to work is the main action or action plan a company can have.

The integrity of the company is always the main seeker in the company and second most important value is the honesty of the organizations action plan put forward. The persistence of the company’s mission statement is another value that is greatly looked upon and the reflection of the companies policies being enforced in the greatest possible way ever. This plan is the plan I and other employees look at when entering the company knowing that the employee as well as the internal and external stakeholders are always valued with integrity and honesty. 

The alignment of my values are having the most respect and integrity of the company and keeping the satisfaction of the company between the most valued customers and having the internal and external stakeholders happy at all times. Having the proper action plan put forward is the greatest aspect of any company or business. The reflected values are greatly looked upon as a reward system and a commitment to leadership of the business and the values that any company may have.

The positive aspect of the UPS company or business is the having the open door policy and being able to relate to the employee as well as the customer. The other is the leadership and the commitment to make every action plan and values a looked upon asset for the company and knowing it is being enforced in the most enhanced way.

The plans and values of Wal-Mart are built upon honesty, respect, fairness and integrity. 

Wal-Mart mission is to enhance and integrate the supplier diversity programs into all of the procurement practices and to be an advocate for minority and women owned business. Wal-mart hints and tips will provide the people with inspiration to develop the success of people explanatory paragraph which will prove to be suitable for associates, customers and employees. The conclusion is having great integrity and honesty having a well planned plan action plan and positive actions put forward working for the integrity of the people which are the internal and external stakeholders of the company. The educational background of learning and knowing that any company has a primary and secondary SWOTT analysis conducted is a well effective strategic plan and an efficient and effective value that are valued within the company aspects.

Knowing the company core values and behaviors are put into place to make the company a better place and environment to work in is a plus for any business.

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