American Romantic Psychology


During the course of our studies in college, we have to learn and use many materials in the psychology class. These materials provide us with knowledge and psychology skills that greatly help us to build our future foundations in the course. As an example of materials we use in the psychology class, this paper aims to give a summary of,American Romantic Psychology, a 1988 course material which is divided into five major sections: Voyages of the Mind’s Return; One’s Self I Sing; The Double Consciousness Revisited; Words Out of the Sea and; kora in Heaven..

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To start with the first section of the work, writers here bring out the idea of integration of different paradigms; id, ego, and superego. The writer notes that as we progress through life, then each is separated with the emergence of new duties in our lives. As people, we require dual functioning of these three, with the whole idea being that we develop a deferential consciousness. Consequently, the second section of the work One’s Self I sing, is all concerned with individuation and introjection, the writer here presents a congruent and complementary dimension of this full development of consciousness (Bickman, 1988).

Consequently, coming to the third section, about The Double Consciousness Revisited, it is a pure reflection of the reviews of the artistic activities that are an approach to achieving reconciliation as well as the process to joining the conscious to unconscious. However, it is noteworthy that double consciousness can easily be broken into conditions that are referred to as inflation, where the ego confounds its own powers and its aims with those of the entire psyche. The next section of the work,Words Out of the Sea, clearly analyses the view each one of us concerning the double consciousness, with the writer having noted he could not understand the whole mystery, although, he is conscious of himself as simply soul and as himself. The work then proceeds to the fifth section,Kora in heaven, which clearly discuss the relationship we have between our life and the entire work we have to attend to. It supports both Jungian and Romantic theory about the psyche being the middle term between personal and cultural work in the people’s lives (Bickman, 1988).


Bickman, M. (1988). American Romantic Psychology: Emerson, Poe, Whitman, Dickinson, Melville. Spring Pubns.

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