Uniforms in School

Furthermore on the idea, it can also be said that students can manifest their individuality in school uniforms by including modifications and attaching accessories. Andrea Dashiell, the journalist on Parentmap had presented an article School Uniform: Conformity vs Creativity, and her idea that she confronted is informing the audience that students should express themselves with uniform on, and she had come to an understanding that 54% of eighth graders said they could continue to publicize their individuality while wearing their school uniform every day. As one can continue the idea of adding on accessories, students may choose to express themselves with anything on their wrists whether it be watches or bracelets. It is a much more convenient and understanding way to present to school without standing out with any expensive clothing as said previously.

Another idea presented was from Julia Rubin who created an article How to Accessorize your School Uniform and what she had exhibited was that students can manifest their individuality as well in school uniforms by including modifications and attaching accessories and she quotes, “Contrary to popular belief, uniform do not stop students from being themselves. Uniforms do not silence voices. Students can wear variety of expensive items, such ad buttons or jewelry.” This idea not only brings out the best in students but also where if students can express themselves without having to wear expensive items, they can be socially active with others around the school or in the classroom as they become academically prepared for class. As Rubin quoted, she finalizes her idea that students can voice out to their opinion, meaning they have the freedom of speech to say anything about what they like and do not like if it were to ever come to a situation that uniforms policy is not being held the way it is supposed to be.

It has been shown that school uniforms are immeasurable for discipline and will take school more precariously to then concentrate more on learning rather than clothing or abhorrence of violence since additional issues that are a severe situation in our world. this come to many great points to as whether uniforms are a great choice in our society whether it was violence abruption, academic readiness, financial reasoning, and much more. But it usually comes into consideration in where one comes from and where the school is located. The argument presented can be drawn out to many of those that strive for a better education or policy in the school or around the community especially for those that dress presentable with a uniform on and only has one purpose which is to be educational and successful throughout their lives.

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