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Family is the basic, functional, and very important unit of all kinds of society.

It is a social group whose members live together and collaborate to ensure their existence.

Family is that communion in which are created stable, emotional and multifaceted relationships between members. Family is created with the marriage between husband and wife. Marriage is a special experience for every couple, no couple, does not experience it in the same way. The husband and wife is the family pillar. As such, the pillar brings to life the perspective of society, children.

With the birth of a child, marriage passes to a wider community where each gets new social roles and becomes the equal separation of the power between married partners.

The equal division of power and duties is done with the agreement of both parties.

At a moment when a couple does not find a common compromise, arise problems of different aspects. The major family problems are violence, abuse and commonly- divorce.

While I was figuring out the major family problems, I ranked them from which the maltreated are usually the easiest level to manipulate with.

Why am I saying so? Not because the maltreated can only be the children or females, because there are some cases when even males are, but, because the violence happens from them who we share well an bad, the ones that we collaborate for existence, seems that is obviously what is being talked- Intimate partner violence.

Intimate Partner Violence is considered as physical, psychological, emotional and sexual misconduct against their current spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends.

Globally, every third woman has been enslaved to violence in an intimate relationship (United Nations Development Programme 2000, cited in Knox, Mooney & Schacht, 2002, p.128). Data from the National Crime Victimization Survey prove that most (85 percent) acts of intimate partner violence are convinced against women and one out of four U.S. women say they have been victims of violence by a spouse, partner, or date at some point in their lives (Rennison & Welchans 2000, cited in Knox, Mooney, & Schacht, 2002, p.128). This violence is a kind of desire to exercise constant control over the partner, whether economic underwriting, threatening, isolating and other different methods of control. It is considered that the wish of having control over the partner usually is caused by men and is more likely to escalate and to include serious impairment.

Data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (Rennison & Welchans 2000, cited in Knox, Mooney, & Schacht, 2002, p.129), find that, between 1993 and 1998, most (about two-thirds) of the male and female victims of intimate partner violence were physically assaulted; the remaining third were victims of threats or strive violence.

In 1998 about 1.830 murders were imposed to intimate partner violence; nearly 3 out of 4 of these murder victims were women (Rennison & Welchans 2000, cited in Knox, Mooney, & Schacht, 2002, p.130). In 1996, 30 percent of all female murders were perpetrated by husbands, ex- husbands, or boyfriends. (Knox, Mooney, & Schacht, 2002, p.130). Three percent of all male murder victims were killed by wives, ex- wives, or girlfriends ( National Center for Injury Prevention and Control 2000, cited in Knox, Mooney, & Schacht, 2002, p.130).  

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