Toxic Love and Suicide

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Ever since Cathy was born Edgar doesn't want her exploring the outside world because it is dangerous as we have seen previously. Not only does this quote show a lot about the character of Cathy but also the tendency of teenagers to contain a mind that “wonders” The author's purpose of including this wonder of Cathy is to foreshadow her tendencies in the future when she meets Heathcliff. Also it proves the connection of her to her mother and how she has the crazy tendencies of her mother as well. Cathy has reached her breaking point and begs to see the “other side”.

Catherine's and Heathcliff's complex relationship is illustrated in a relationship type archetype. In the moment of inevitable death, emotions seem to take over the situation as seen between the two. Catherine’s “selfishness” of her hurting herself seems to overwhelm Heathcliff with grief because he knows that she killed herself. He realizes that she will beat “peace” because of the death while himself will be In “hell” because he no longer will have her. This connects too suicide today because people that commit these actions always have selfish consequences after too the people that cared about them, just as seen with Catherine and Heathcliff.

When Cathy and Linton finally meet they seem to argue quite a bit. The author includes these arguments to show that them being together brings out the worst in each of them, to the point where they are making fun of each other and other people for instance Hareton. This connects to the world theme of how relationships aren't always good. And how when someone is mean about stupid things that's shows that they will do anything to hurt someone. So making fun of Hareton for not being able to “read” illustrates the negativity taken place in Cathy’s and Linton’s.

As soon as Heathcliff forced his son Linton to come back to Wuthering Heights there relationship began to develop. Immediately Heathcliff began to be hateful towards him and said that he was just his property. This brought forth a negative father son relationship. In fact the relationship is so poisonous that even when Linton is really sick, Heathcliff still shows no “sympathy” towards him. In reality this situation goes against the societal norm because it is supposed to be the parents job to take care of their children while ironically Heathcliff is doing the exact opposite. Bronte includes this relationship too portray Heathcliff's longing negativity after Catherine’s death. 

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