Wuthering Heights Annotaations

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Heathcliff – Heathcliff is in love with Catherine. Catherine truly gave him a boost of confidence to pursue in everything he wanted. But when she left him for Edgar for popularity reasons, he turned into an evil human. He treats his dogs poorly. Wuthering Heights is where he lives. Marries Isabella for revenge on Edgar for marrying the love of his life, Catherine.

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“Wuthering Heights Annotaations”

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Edgar Linton – Edgar is passionate about Catherine, and understands her signifigantly more than others. Edgar loses everything.
Cathy Linton – A curious women who is new to Wuthering Heights. Edgars sister. Has a quality of being two faced.

Catherine Earnshaw – Cannot choose between her love for Edgar or Heathcliff. Catherine only wants what is good for her. She is truly in love with Heathcliff, but really wants to be a wealthy women, and Edgar can her that.

Nelly Dean – Narrator of the book. Starts a lot of drama, and enjoys the commotion. Gets all of his information from Zillah
Hareton Earnshaw – Never had a true father, and doesnt understand what love is. Looks at Heathcliff as a father. Develops feelings for Cathy.
Isabella – Edgar Lintons sister. Marries Heathcliff.

Lockwood – He typically causes a lot of issues, because he isnt as close with many of the characters. Rents from Heathcliffs Thrushcross Grange.
Mr. Earnshaw – Catherines and Hindleys father. He adopted Heathcliff, and seems to like him more than his own children.

Mrs. Earnshaw – Catherines mom. Hates Heathcliff and loves Hindley. Married to Mr. Earnshaw.

Hindley Earnshaw – Catherines brother. Hates Heathcliff because his parents favor him more than him, so he gets jealous because he isnt even related. Married to Frances.
Frances Earnshaw – Married to Hindley. Frances is a very ill women who shortly dies after she gives birth to her son Hareton.
Joseph – He is a slave for Wuthering Heights. Many people find him extremely sketchy because of how religous he is.
Mr. Linton – Edgars dad. Supports Catherine so she can live her life successfully, dies after healing Catherine.
Mrs. Linton – Edgars mom. Married to Mr. Linton, is a signifigant part to Catherines life, dies after Catherine is back to normal.
Zillah – Heathcliffs maid, and gives Nelly a lot of inside information at Wuthering Heights.

Conflicts :

MAIN CONFLICT – The main conflict is that Heathcliff and Catherine are truly in love with each other. Catherine is extremely selfcentered and she wants whatever makes her look the best. Heathcliff had the potential to be a weathy gentleman, but Catherine didnt want to wait, so she saw that Edgar already was a weathy man, and she wanted to look wealthy as well right away. The tension between the 3 characters causes everything to go haywire between the rest of the character in the novel.

Heathcliff is in love with Catherine, but Edgar ends up marrying her. Heathcliff then marries Isabella to get revenge on Edgar for stealing the love of his life. This is an example of internal conflict because Heathcliff is jealous of Edgar

Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw adopt Heathcliff, and favor him more than their actual children. Which makes Hindley, their son very angry.
Catherine experiences an internal conflict when she has to choose between Edgar and Heathcliff. She gets called on that she loves both,and cannot decide who she wanted to be with. Her indecicivness ends up causing her death.

Theme :


Love is a theme of the novel because many of the characters love one another. Some circumstances are more difficult than others but they still experience it. Heathcliff is in love with Catherine, and she is in love with him. But Catherine is a selfcentered brat, who cares about her social life, so she chooses Edgar over Heathcliff.


Hate is a theme of the novel because Heathcliff is in love with Catherine but so is Edgar. They hate each other because they both know that Catherine is in love with Heathcliff. Heathcliff hates Edgar because he has a better life financially and thats what Catherine wants. Edgar than begins to hate Heathcliff even more because he marries his sister Isabella.


Revenge is a theme of the novel because Heathcliff wants to get revenge on Edgar for taking the love of his life away from him. Heathcliff decides that a good way to get him back for taking her would be to marry his sister.


Family is a theme of the novel because if it werent for the families and everyone being related, everything would go bad. Nobody would be in Wuthering Heights anymore and the people would make poor decisions towards each other. If there was no family in this story there would be no drama because there would be no way to make anyone mad or use anyone for revenge in that matter. An example is that Heathcliff wouldnt be able to use Isabella for revenge on Edgar if there was no family in the novel.

Feeling of Alienation

Feeling of Alienation comes into play when Heathcliff is pushed away from everyone. He was isolated because he is always looking for a way to ruin someones progress and happiness. I believe he does this because he got Catherine taken away from him, so he wants people to feel his pain.

Heathcliff tries to get back at everyone for the terrible things they have done to him in the past, but it ends up hurting himself even more.

Key Points Within The Novel

Mr. Lockwood rents from Heathcliff at Thrushcross Grange
Joseph is a servant
It is noticed that 1500 and Hareton Earnshaw are marked, but never asks why
Heathcliff seems to want no part of Mr.Lockwood
Violent dogs went after Healthcliff and Mr Lockwood
A random guy gets lockwood to go with him to try and get him back inside of wuthering heights.
It is snowing for almost the whole chapter

The slave calls the dogs to attack Lockwood and the other guy who were trying to get in
Heathcliff is adopted by mr and mrs earnshaw, and treated like garbage when ,r earnshaw dies because there is no one to stop Hindley for attacking him.
Catherine and Heathcliff are madly in love, and sneak up on edgars house, they are caught and heathcliff becomes extremely hated, and catherine moves in with isabella and edgar.

Heathcliff becomes extremely upset when catherine decideds to choose edgar over him, while he is locked away.
Hareton is born, son of Hindley.
Catherine decided to marry edgar. They have a baby together and catherine dies while giving birth to cathy.
Heathcliff marries isabella as a way of getting edgar angry because its his sister, and he stole the love of his life. And for ruining his whole life.
Heathcliff tries to ruin edgars life all and all, because he is that upset from being hated and the love of his life dying.
Heathcliff tries to get cathy and hareton to get married to make hindley upset.
While Heathcliff is trying to plan ways to kill edgar and completely abolish his life, catherine haunts him 24/7.

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