How to Handle a Toxic Divorce

It’s a great thing to watch two strangers’ paths cross and fall deeply in love, but that happy amazing event then turns sour when you watch those two strangers who meant the world to one another take on the journey of marriage and then slowly become toxic in one another’s eyes. How two peoples love for one another can turn off like a switch is amazing in the saddest of ways. Between 40 and 50% of marriages in the united states end in divorce, a number which has grown over the years and is expected to grow more. The causes of divorce can be many things, both big and small each different depending on the couples, but some of the more common causes of divorce are, fighting, loss of intimacy, getting married too eary, and financial problems.

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“How to Handle a Toxic Divorce”

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To begin with, a very common factors in divorce is fighting. Throughout any relationship fighting is a normal thing that occurs in moderation, but when it becomes taken to the extreme it then becomes toxic, hurting both people in the relationship and may eventually turn into and something that can be grounds for divorce. According to the US National Library of Medicine, out of a group of 52 individuals, 57 percent of the time the reason for divorce was too much conflict and arguing. This shows a perfect example of marriages failing because of the immense amount of stress fighting puts on a relationship. It begins to cause tension between the couple, making the once happy couple angry, causing them to break up. To sum up, fighting is a great stressor which can lead to divorce.

Yet another reason which leads to the separation of a couple is the lack of intimacy. When intimacy decreases in relationships, their feelings for one another could then become strained causing someone in the relationship to feel unloved or unwanted. This feeling causes a chain reaction leading people who were once in amazing, loving, caring relationships to begin contemplating cheating because the arms of some stranger becomes more inviting and loving than their spouse. According to Alec WIlson PsyD, 30% of married couples divorce after one of them have an affair. This shows the great impact cheating can have on a marriage because such a great amount of marriages that are affected by it. In conclusion, cheating is a major cause divorce in America.

Furthermore, another cause of divorce is couples rushing into marriage. Love is something that can develop quickly between two people and often times when it does the happy couple will rush to the alter without really knowing one another. They may not have lived with each other long enough, causing them to realize that they can’t function sharing a home with one another. The couple may have had a short-lived engagement and not know all the things about the other that they wished they did. Or simply the couple may have been experiencing lust, not love and now after having things settled down, they realize they don’t really love one another and don’t want to be together. To conclude. Rushing into marriage could be a toxic thing which could cause more harm in the long run in the form of divorce.

Lastly, another thing witch causes divorce in America financial stress. Bella Gahndi, president of the smart dating academy says Living in poverty is incredibly stressful, and financial stressors can lead to fighting ” which can result in divorce. This furthers the point of financial stressors causing tension and stress in relationships. When finances are a problem it could cause the couple to not be as happy as they once were, they will fight more with one another and not enjoy the company of one another. The couple could lose their cars, house, even go into bankruptcy which are things that all put an immense amount of stress on a relationship. To sum up, Financial problems can put a great stress on a couple and are very common grounds for divorce.

In Conclusion, fighting, loss of intimacy, getting married too early, and financial problems are all causes for divorce today. Over the years our divorce rate has risen tremendously and will continue to rise unless something it done about it. Through talking and creating smart plans the divorce rate can be reduced, saving the many marriages of people who truly care for one another, and couldn’t imagine life without the other. When planning to get married, it is something that should be taken seriously as a great commitment in order to avoid a divorce several years later.

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