Suicide Rates in Belfast

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In times of tragic events, we often come together as one to be there for each other. On March 24, 2018 millions of people, celebrities, and students from around the world came to march to the White House to get their voice heard about enforcing stricter gun control due to numerous mass shootings, including the Parkland shooting on February 14, 2018 at Stoneman Douglas High School. However, in the book “ Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging” , Well known filmmaker and author Sebastian Junger indicates that in our culture there is a sense of solidarity that's lossed when the veterans return home from war. In the book, Junger uses data, personal experiences, and historical background. By using these rhetorical devices, Junger’s purpose is to bring awareness to the needs of American soldiers.

Within chapter one, Junger begins to indicate data by providing statistical information. For example, Junger says, “ Financial Independence can lead to isolation, and isolation can put people at a greatly increased risk of depression and suicide” ( 21). Junger explains that because there is no sense of solidarity, the soldiers who come home are left to do things on their own with no assistance.

As shown above, Junger provides clear data but he also uses personal experiences. In the introduction, he says, “ What I wanted wasn’t destruction and mayhem but the opposite: solidarity” ( xiv, 14). Junger wants the readers to know the connection between him and the thesis because they both feel the same way like they are alone.

In chapter two, Junger uses data of statistical information regarding the deaths of people and soldiers during war. Junger states, “ Irish psychologist named H.A. Lyons found that suicide rates in Belfast dropped 50 percent during the riots of 1969 and 1970, and homicide and other violent crimes also went down”(48). What Junger is saying is that since their is a sense of solidarity there because they are fighting together as one, they don't commit suicides and etc.

In addition, towards the end of he book, Junger uses personal experience again . He says,” As soon as relief flights began delivering aid to the area, class division returned and the sense of brotherhood disappeared” ( Junger 55). This goes to show Junger’s purpose how the sense of unity goes away quickly.

Throughout chapter three, he uses data to calculate the rate of veterans that have been diagnosed with PTSD. In the middle of chapter three, Junger states, “ The much- discussed estimate of twenty-two vets a day committing suicide in the United States is deceptive..”( 83). Junger reconnets to the thesis of how they feel alone and dont feel unity.

As a matter of fact, he uses personal experience again. In the book, he says, “ Our fundamental desire, as human beings, is to be close to others, and our society does not allow for that”( Junger 94). Junger connects his experience to his purpose by stating how it is a need to be with others to feel unity. 

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