The Use of Force

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The Use of Force The point of view in the story “The Use of Force” is in first person narrative. This conveys inner the inner thoughts of the narrator as the doctor. The doctor is a reliable narrator and an observer. I feel that his personality is brought out in the doctor. So the doctors thoughts and behaviors are a reflection of the authors. As for the setting it takes place at a family’s home. I think it takes place somewhere in the early 1900’s.

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“The Use of Force”

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I think it would make a difference to the story if it were set somewhere else, only because if the sick girl was brought to like a hospital for example, maybe she would have been diagnosed and helped sooner without all the hassle that occurred at the house. The diction of the story is simple. It doesnt seem too complicated and is easy to make sense of. The author makes his points, and plot of the story clear and easy to understand. The personality of the Doctor is thoughtful. He comes into the house trying to help the sick girl, but after he realizes how shes behaving his personality starts to change. He gets a lot less patient and angrier.

The mothers personality is sort of frantic and nervous. Shes worried about her child, and when the doctor has to use other methods of helping her, she starts to become more worrisome and a little annoying. The fathers personality is kind of concealed but nervous too about his daughter. He doesn’t seem to show much emotion. The daughters personality is concealed and aggressive. I think the doctors personality has he most dramatic change in the story. Like I said, he comes into the house ready to help someone, and after all the being shut out by the child, he starts to get angrier and his thoughts become a little more darker.

The conflict in the story is trying to help this little girl. I feel like the conflict changes when the girl becomes more aggressive and wont give in to getting help. The conflict reaches a climax at the end when the doctor struggles to get the girls mouth open and she refuses. The resolution is when the wooden stick breaks, so he uses a metal spoon and he finally gets her mouth open and figures out what was wrong with her. The effect that this plot had on the story is that it put the focus on the girl and doctor. I think the theme to the story is irony.

The reason I think its irony is because of the conflict between the doctor and the girl. You would expect a doctor to be gentle and trustful. That’s the way it starts out in the story but when the girl starts refusing medical attention, the doctor must use methods of forcing her. That’s where the name “The Use of Force” plays in. the theme does provide insight on the human condition, it shows that under a certain amount of stress, or anger, your mindset or personality could change instantly. I don’t think any of the characters experienced an epiphany. “A Visit Of Charity. ”

The point of view in the story “A visit of Charity” is in the third person narrative. I don’t think it really portrays much of the author. I think its just telling the story from the little girl, Marian’s, point of view. I think Marian is very observant. She noticed a lot of things throughout the story. Like the relationship between the old women. The condition of the room, the way the old women spoke to each other. I don’t think her personality has much effect on whats going on with the old women. The story takes place in an old women’s home. Not too sure when this story takes place. It doesn’t give too much detail on that.

I think it would change the story a lot if the location were changed. Marian wouldn’t of been able to observe or communicate with the old women if it were somewhere else, the way she did at the old women’s home. I don’t think it would of made sense anywhere else. The dictation Marian’s personality is very shy, scared, and nervous throughout the story. The first old women’s personality was very outgoing, talkative and she liked to communicate. The second old women, Addie, was bitter, angry and very pessimistic. No, I don’t think any of the characters personalities changed in the story.

So it didn’t effect the point of the story. Something that really puzzled me in the story was when the first old lady ran after Marian in the hall and sort of grabbed her by her hair and asked her for a penny. I didn’t understand that point and I don’t think it made much sense to the story. The conflict in the story is when Marian actually goes into the old women’s room. The conflict isn’t very clear, but its very obvious there is a problem. The first old women is very outgoing, and the second old women, is angry, and bitter. So there’s a bit of clashing going on with them and it shows when they spoke to each other.

The events that led up to the plot are Marian going into the Old women’s home, being in the room and communicating with them til finally she gets so scared she runs out. The theme of this story is also irony. Everything in the story conveyed the theme irony, only because everything seemed like the opposite of what it should have been. For instance when Marian goes to the old women’s home for charity. The purpose of charity is to help people who cant help themselves, or to do something nice for someone. In the story, Marian isn’t doing it to be helpful, she is only visiting the old women for extra points for her campfire girls.

Another example of the irony was the old women constantly disagreed or contradicted each other. One old women was overly optimistic and ignorant of Addies constant negativity and rudeness towards her. You would expect that since they are roommates and they have no one but each other, that they would get along more and respect each other more, but that’s obviously not the case. The theme does provide insight on the human condition because I think that everyone portrays a little bit of irony in what they do. I don’t think any of the characters had an epiphany during the story. The Gift of Sweat” The point of view in the story “The Gift of Sweat” is in first person narrative. What this adds to the story is that the author herself might just be the character in the story. The author/character is in fact a reliable narrator, she is very descriptive and detailed. The story I think mainly takes place in Ricks apartment, although the story does reference a few other places such as the hostess, and the hospital. As for the time period that it takes place, that is not very clear. I think changing the setting of the story would effect it.

I think since it takes place at Ricks apartment, it kind of represents a stronger relationship between the two. It gives off the sense that theres something between them, personally. If it were changed, for example like at a restauraunt or school, it wouldnt give off that vibe of the two being so close and somewhat intimate with eachother? It seems intimate only becaause of how the women goes to Ricks apartment, and at the end when he gets her a “gift. ” The diction of the story The personality of Ricks women friend is caring and maybe somehow affectionate. Ricks personality is similar.

They both are also very friendly with each other. Ricks character does change in the story, I think it happens when he suddenly gets sick. He becomes more weak and his personality seems like it changed also. The conflict in the story is when Rick suddenly gets sick. I didnt realize he was sick from aids, til I read the student analysis of the story in the textbook, so thats when I figured out what was wrong with him. I main events leading up to the plot arent shown in the story, its sort of told to you. The story talks about Ricks friend Barry, who we later find out is Ricks lover. It starts from there.

Barry dies from AIDS, and its inferred that Rick now has AIDS. The story reaches its climax when the lady friend comes to Ricks apartment and finds him sick. The resolution I think is when he goes to the hospital. I think the theme in this story is friendship. Im not 100% sure but im not getting any other ideas on it. The reason I think its friendship is because these two people share a close bond with eachother, and when one gets sick, the other tried to make things as easy as possible for the other friend. Like when Rick went to the hospital, the lady friend stayed behind at his apartment and cleaned for him, and

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